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Información para bucear por el Mediterráneo

by Scubacrowd

For those divers who wish to make some dive in the beautiful and warm Mediterranean Sea, we will discuss a number of outstanding diving destinations in the beautiful Mediterranean basin. Take a look.

The Côte d'Azur (the French Riviera) is a paradise for scuba diving and the photographic skin-diving for the transparency of its waters and its vast marine biodiversity. In the warm bay of "St. Tropez" can snorkel through coral reefs. On the coast of "Var" you dive among shipwrecks from different epochs. In the idyllic beach "Paloma Plage" as in the elegant and sunny beaches of "Saint Raphael" can snorkel near the yachts of celebrities. In the sandy beaches of "Cannes" it is possible to do all kinds of diving. The lovers of the skin-diving for caves have in "Grotte de Miro", cave of "Landenouse" and "Truffe" their sanctuary. The uninhabited wilderness archipelago of "Parc National des Calanques" on L'Ile de Riou is the best place for diving and photographic diving among underwater forests in clear blue water. On the golden coast "Antibes" deep dive is done by a background of rocks and canyons full of great marine wealth. Also predominant mode of scuba diving in volcanic "Columbretes islands".

In the golden coast of Palermo, in Sicily (Italy), you can snorkel among archaeological remains. Near Messina, in "Taornina" you dive shipwrecks between the two world wars or older Phoenicians and Romans. The same applies "Syracuse". In "Lampedusa" and "Pantelleria" enables photographic diving through underwater archaeological remains. In "Sardinia" (Sardegna) predominates diving caves. The grandiose "Neptune's Grotto" in the idyllic Cape Caccia (Aghero) and the cave "Bue Marino" (Ox Marino) in Cala Gonnone in the heavenly Gulf of Orosei are two examples. In the Bay of Nora, near Cagliari, snorkel among archaeological remains of Carthaginians, Phoenicians and Romans sunk in the clear waters is performed.

On the sunny "Island of Elba" you dive by huge walls in transparent marine species inhabiting that let you see their skeletons and internal organs.

In the paradisiacal volcanic Greek island of Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos diving on reefs between archaeological remains and sunken ships from different eras. Also on the Ionian coast of Attica, Halkidiki, Thessolonik or the legendary islands of Corfu, Kefalonia and Zante. In the picturesque island of Chio you can dive through caves, walls and wrecks teeming with marine life. On the island of Crete mythical diving is through canyons, wrecks and caves (Greco Cave) in a clear blue sea.

In the Balearic Islands (Spain), you can snorkel in the sandy and sunny Playa del Arenal in the Bay of Palma or the idyllic "Bay of Pollensa". In Menorca, in the "Illa de l'Aire" you dive among corals, anemones and wrecks, as in Ibiza. In "Cala Forcat" can do night dives.

In the colorful island of Malta can be spotted by its reefs humpback whales, dolphins and barracudas.