The best destinations for scuba diving holidays

Find great options for your next dive while you are travelling

Places where to spend your holidays diving

Places where to spend your holidays diving

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Some of the most exciting dive sites for your dive holidays

Places you really need to visit in your scuba holidays

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Diving is a highly esteemed by people seeking adventure sport. It is exciting to penetrate the mysteries of the sea, in silence, in the richness of its waters and to coexist with different beings in landscapes of extraordinary beauty.

Organizing a trip with diving as the main activity performed

But this activity deserves a good planning must be viewed from the choice of location (that influence the temperature of the sea), the habitat where move (it must have space to store the equipment, to clean it and check it, as well as providing supply stores), accommodation (it should be a spacious and comfortable place to rest), as well as have an environment that invites relaxation, with service operating information. There are now more and more travel agencies specializing in diving, organizing from the trip to the destination diving (tickets, hotels, travel ..) up to the dives themselves, which is a possible solution for first-time divers unknown everything in the world of diving.

An advice...

Because diving is a highly specialized activity, we recommend that if not mastered to perfection should do some diving courses in the holiday destination, on arrival, since the information received in these classes with local monitors can be very useful to dive in specific destinations and advanced dive spots in the area.

Types of diving courses

There are many diving agencies with a world reputation which offers a wide variety of courses ranging from general and basic to very specific. Thus we have the following American diving agencies:

  • PADI courses are more affordable and bearable as the taught modules it allows continuity from one year to another in addition of being highly accepted around the world.
  • IDEA (International Diving Educators Association) that offers a wide range of courses for recreational and professional divers, some of them is aimed at divers.
  • NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) offers courses aimed at diving safety.
  • SSI (Scuba Schools International's) offers various training courses, resembling the PADI educational system.
  • CMAS, esta agencia de buceo (Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques), con sede en Roma, cuenta con una oferta de variada gama de cursos de buceo.
  • ACUC, the Canadian international (American Canadian Underwater Certifications), offers programs and courses to dive.

Did you know...?

Children with less than 15 years old have to option to take specific preparation courses available with each different agency to first experience scuba diving.

On the other hand, in "diving holiday" do not need to bring the dive equipment, and that in places where that activity is carried nautical allow rent all kinds of material.

Diving is a liberalizing and relaxing sport. To do it properly and safely is necessary to have a reasonable physical and mental preparation, since this activity involves a certain level of responsibility to have a safe dive.

Top destinations for diving holidays

One of the 7 wonders of diving is Egypt, combining its archaeological wealth of pharaonic times with a wide range of hotels and all kinds of tourist activities, among which is diving in the Red Sea offer. In it you can enjoy the seabed and its wildlife between sharks and rays that are, but you can dive among shipwrecks with a wide range of diving itineraries for different levels of difficulty.

In the Caribbean there are numerous places that offer the chance to enjoy different types of immersion, in a privileged coastal and resort areas. From the crystalline waters and calm Cayman Islands, through the turquoise waters and cays with sharks in the Bahamas, Belize corals to the cenotes of Riviera Maya, gives you a chance to varied and interesting diving in a relaxed atmosphere enigmatic.

The Lesser Antilles also offer idyllic places for diving. Bearded and Granada with its wrecks, Bonaire with its pristine reefs, Dominica with its waterfalls and hot springs, with its reefs Tobago, with its volcanic shores Saba and St. Lucia with its rainforests makes a wonderful enjoyment and immersive world.

In Asia, Thailand is the chosen destination. Being the Similan Islands and Sea Ataman preferred places for diving.

In 1989 a group of prominent scientists met in USA to choose the 7 wonders of the underwater world worth preserving for future generations. The following were elected:

Palau (in the Pacific Ocean), the Belize Barrier Reef (in the Caribbean), the Great Barrier Reef (in Australia), the geysers of Ocean Ridges, the Galapagos islands (Ecuador), the lake Baikal (Russia) and of course, the aforementioned Red Sea.