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Diving in Beadnell offers a range of dives in a great location for those looking to discover new sites in England´s North-East. Beadnell is one of the most popular holiday areas on the north east coast of England. Nowadays Beadnell consists of three villages in one, Beadnell Harbour, the oldBeadnell Village and Beadnell Haven.

The village has probably been inhabited for several thousand years, and Bronze-Age burial chambers have been discovered along the shore.
The dive profile is a shore dive, from 2.5m to around 12m max. There are kelp forests until around 8m, and then the reef walls drop to around 12m and from there get your torch out looking for crabs, lobster, and loads of other marine life! It's a wonderful shore dive suitable for all levels. If you reach the reef wall before using half your air supply and would like to explore a bit further, the sea floor turns into a flat expanse of flat stones and sandy floors, with huge interesting boulders keeping in line with the reef wall. It’s a pretty confined site which is the beauty of all Beadnell dive sites.

Places to see: Mewstone RockThatcher Rock