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About Diving in the UK

To practice the diving activity there is so many advantages in United Kingdom, especially when you chose from so many sites, which have so many diversity and so many wrecks in their seabed. To mention one, we have “Natural Port” of “Scapa Flow” located in the “Orcadas Island” which is nearly two hours of navigation, embarking from the north coast to Scotland.

This site is rich in wrecks, which are representatives of so many vestiges of the past, among you can observe defense cannons, barracks, watchtowers and others.“Scapa Flow” always has been a great strength of protection, especially during the both World War.  Under the sea surface lie all the artifacts artillery, bunkers, mines and others. There is around 80 sunk German ships, among you can see submarines, cargo ships and steam. It highlights the immense ship “Brummer” that lies 33 meters deep. Scapa Flow is relatively unknown for the divers that don’t use to focus in finding wrecks. However, with time it is getting more well-known and has so many sunk ships and an excellent marine biodiversity.

“Orcadas Island” has inside “Scapa Flow” which is very exuberantly rich in marine life. There is more than 1,026 species from the ones stand very beautiful and colorful sea ​​urchins, strange and splendid swimming worms, a variety of crustaceans and mollusks of all shapes and colors. Some scientists consider that the underwater life in the “Orcadas Island,” is even more beautiful than “Galapagos Island.” The United Kingdom waters, in general, are warm because the streams of the South Atlantic. This subsides phenomenon has a lot of marine life variety. The friendly, big and beautiful basking shark, the always beautiful and playful dolphins, colossal and peaceful whales, turtles and friendly restless and friendly seals abound in the waters around the UK. They enjoy the Orcadas Islands where you can find the amazing “Scapa Flow.” So it is not just a wreck diving destiny, but for those who love the view of the marine biodiversity.

To practice diving in UK, where the water is cold during the most time of the year, is one interesting challenge for beginners and experts. To the north of these British islands you can see Scotland, with few small islands, which are ideal for diving, at the same time there are lakes in the north of Ireland to have the best diving.

Types of dives in the UK and marine species you can find

In United Kingdom you will find walls, cliffs, sandy beaches, shipwrecks, caves, rocky sections, stunning flora and fauna, choppy waters and streams. The diving season is during the months of June and September. The seals are a common species in the United Kingdom that you can see in Skomer Island, the southwest of Gales, and in the Farne Island, which is in the England north. In the southwest of England the water is warmer and you can find basking sharks, seahorses and dolphins. The coast of the England south offers you the opportunity to dive, especially if you are an expert divers and the opportunity to see interesting wrecks. A very good site to discover at the south is the artificial reef in Plymouth. The province Cornwall have as well immersion of reefs and wrecks, where you can enter by boats. And you can visit as well the island Scilly, which is 45 km of the coast of Cornwall.

The north coast of Scotland is ideal to explore wrecks, which are there since the World War I. A German fleet sunk there in 1919 near to the Orkney Island. A recommended site to visit is the Big Seven, where is located three battleships and four cruisers. Gales offer you as well great diving sites. In the marine reserve Skomer you can see pink gorgonians, and St. Brides Haven Beach is an excellent site for beginners.

The United Kingdom maybe is not the typical place to dive, however, it has so many places to dive. Actually, the United Kingdom has the best wreck diving in all the whole world because the hundreds of years of commercial ships and naval battles, the World War II and the conflicts. There is around 250,000 ships sunk in the deep sea of United Kingdom, There is from historic ships to modern ones, the choice is extensive. The marine life is as well very plenty even in these no very warm waters. As example, you can see the basking shark, the second biggest fish in the world, which swim alongshore west of the country in different seasons of the year. The Farnes Islands, which are in front of the Northumbrian Coast, are the hundreds gray seals home. The marine view is very beautiful as the scenery of the so many walls and caves.

What Northern Ireland has to offer

You can’t wait to visit the beautiful and enigmatic Northern Ireland. In its coast you can find more than 400 shipwrecks, so many of them well preserved. You will feel like in paradise when you are wreck diving.

But Ireland has as well huge inland lakes. “The lake Strangford” is an inland sea with so many beautiful islands. It is a magnificent observation laboratory for marine biologists, which go inside the sea to study the water and all the marine life in it, they find cliffs, colorful sea sponges, octopus, crabs of strange species and an incredible abundance of mussels. These clusters of creatures living peacefully in its calm waters and at rest, the streams are softs.

The “Lake Belfast” is a long cove where lies a “Submarine Museum” which is part of the English and Irish naval history. These shipwrecks were colonized for a beautiful marine fauna and flora. Going to the Irish Atlantic Coast, you will see crustal water in the coast, from “Foyle” to “Antrim,” the visibility is between 10 to 25 meters, so it is possible to see and interact with the beautiful and seahorses.

Also you can have the chance to see all the colorful fishes and other creatures that live peaceful between the cliffs, pinnacles, free falls and great depths. The most suitable sites of this zone for diving are “The Rathin Island,” “Culdaff Bay” “Skerires,” “Porthush” and “Ball castle”. You can embark yourself to the wonderful and historic England. In the north you will find “Farne Islands,” which have more than 5,000 exemplar of gray seals and more than 290 species of birds.

This place is a “celestial paradise” for all the divers because they can find big sharks that are looking for food, and hundreds of shipwrecks. The coast waters of the England southwest are more temperate than in the north. There is usual to see the giant and friendly basking shark, the divers can interact easily with these animals without any problem. And as if this were not enough, the migratory dolphins and the beautiful seahorses complete this splendid underwater scenery for diving.

What south England offers

Continue with the England south, you can see the artificial reef of  “Plymouth” in the sea of “Cornualles,” which is truly a “Marine cemetery,” it is one of the favorite places in all the world for the divers. There is a lot of boats in the bottom of the water.

All these “underwater relics” are full of beautiful artificial reefs that are like a home for the marine life diversity very well seen in other latitude. There is a lot of steam ships, submarines, aircraft and other highlights. The most famous is maybe the naval frigate “HMS Scylla” with 113 meters in length, this one was sunk in 2004, and it shows all the divers a spectacular artificial reef as a home of hundreds of small and colorful species.

Dolphins, centurions and seals can be spotted in the waters of southern England, from the comfort of a boat intended for water tourism. “Corn wall” is a place located at the south of the country and in their waters you can find perfect sites to wreck diving. Now, 45 km from there you can find the heavenly “Scilly islands” formed by 300 granite islands.

It is very impressive to see its scenery, which is formed by green hills and white beaches. In its spectacular reefs you can observe seals and the always present basking shark. Its template waters are very transparent. And if you go to the United Kingdom you cannot leave without going to Gales. The pink gorgonians are beautiful, you can see a lot of them in the marine reserve “Skomer.”