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Just talking about diving in Thailand, brings to the minds this amazing sensation, excitement to see the exotic beauty, a spectacular scene and a mystic culture. Its archipielago is surrounded by deep turquoise waters, which are deliciously crammed with the most spectacular marine life we can imagine. The beautiful Gulf of Thailand and Andamas Sea, are full of the most idyllic islands in the world.

Diving in Thailand 

Thailand has one of the most exciting diving areas in the world. Either you are a beginner or an expert diver, or if you are just planning to dive for first time to obtain a certificate, Thailand is definitely a destiny to go. Surely you have listened talk about Phuket, which is a very important touristic city in the country but not the only one. The city is the door to enter to hundreds of diving sites such as King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point or Crab Island.

In Koh Similan (Koh means island Thai) you can find among the 10 best diving sites in the world. This place is magic, and is composed by nine islands, located in front to the coasts of Khao Lak, in the Andaman Sea. Anita’s Reef and the Beacon Point that allow the Diving of unique and colorful reefs. If you rather dive by sank ships, then go to Pattaya area, where you can find HTMS Kut wreck and the HTMS Khram wreck.

After that you can continue your trip to Koh Phi Phi, well known as “the Andaman Sea jewelry.” Koh Phi Phi is surely a ruby for the divers with surprising and diverse places to dive like Lohsamah Bay, Palong Wall or Hin Dot.

Thailand offers you all the diving services, such as the diving centers, touristic centers and the great variety of accommodations like bungalows in 5 star hotels on the beach. The seascape of the country is incredibly diverse and when you are diving there, you can find sharks, turtles and hundreds of fish and marine animals.

The north of the Andaman Sea is the home for manta, shark whales, and hundreds of the most impressive variety of marine life in all the world.

Diving Sites

The best diving sites such as “Richelieu Rock,” has the best species such as the shark White tip Reef, whale sharks and mantas, offering a splendid landscape.

In “Koh Bon” you can appreciate the mantas, accompanied by leopard sharks, a huge variety of moray eels, reef sharks black tip, and the beautiful eagle banks striped amberjack.

In the “Similan Islands” you can find so many amberjack, tuna and yellowtail, a spectacular swimming over seabed covered with soft corals and huge gorgonians.

On the other hand, we have “Elephant Head Rock,” where placidly are swimming the leopard sharks and the sea turtles, they are accompanied by a splendid array of tropical fish that create a true “symphony of colors.”

The wonderful reefs and giants gorgonians act like a “wallpaper” to complete this amazing show.

In the southern part of the Andaman Sea, there are several “gems” among which include "Hin Daeng", "Hin Muang", "Phuket" and "Koh Dok Mai", which shine in all its splendor, gray reef sharks, mantas, whale sharks, nurse sharks and small majestic whale sharks.

In “Shark Point” are the scorpion fishes, lionfish, several species of the dazzling angel fish, and balloons fish for amounts, all of them are living in a paradise full of soft coral pink and purple.

We have now "Phi Phi Islands" so charming and splendid that have served as inspiration for several films adventures.

In the fantastic “Bida Nai” you can see the beautiful crystal fishes, the stealthy water fish accompanied by numerous nudibranchs seahorses of countless colors.

“Let’s go” now to the "Gulf of Thailand" in which a real “gem” called “Koh Tao” is the paradise of jacks banks that are so huge and dense forest, which might hide a whole pinnacle.

Another wonder awhile you travel is “Pattaya,” which is not under the onslaught of fierce monsoons that hit the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Another wonder awhile you travel is “Pattaya,” which is not under the onslaught of fierce monsoons that hit the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.

In “Koh Chang,” near to the Cambodia borders, you can find the “National Park of Koh Chang,” which is part as well of the beautiful Thai archipielago, where live peaceful so many fishes, parrot fish, sea turtles, groupers and barracudas by quantity. This wide variety of species, will "flirt" to the majestic gardens of hard and soft corals.

Marine Life

Banks amberjack and lionfish seem "glide" between the beautiful gorgonians. On staghorn corals, cuttlefish and prowl, and the leopard sharks that sleep placid naps.

From the south occidental, are divided the archipielago “Koh Lanta” and “Koh Lipe” where the marine life is difficult to describe with words. In “Koh Haa” you can find the scary ghost pipefish, abundant octopus, marble rays and beautiful hawksbill turtle occasionally.

Among the anemones, gracefully hide the desired nemos grouped in families, the very large potato, whale sharks and the leopard sharks, offering a true “gift of nature.”

In “Koh Samui” you can see an amazing submarine hall where there are so many crystal fishes and enormous banks of hungry amberjack looking to satiate their appetite with a huge variety of tropical fish of all shapes and colors.

Visibility and Currents

About the general visibility of Thailand we have the Golf, which is between 10 to 30 meters depending of the currents and the winds. In the Andaman Sea the visibility goes from five meters to the surprising 50 meters, depending of the zone, the currents and the seasons of the year.

And about the currents, we can see that they goes from soft ones to very strong ones, depending of the specific site. The most exposed sites have frequent swirls that attract large animals of these seas.