My diving baptism in Cabo de Palos

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Diving is one of the most magnificent experiences and the closest feeling to zero gravity. In fact, astronauts train their spacewalk in swimming pools and with scuba diving gears.
To get started in the world of diving and discover a whole new world of possibilities, Cabo de Palos is a good place for your Try dive.
Cabo de Palos is a very attractive diving area, located in the region of Murcia. Cabo de Palos is part of a marine protected area of 19km2. This area is known for its biological diversity and the great condition of the seabed.
With this protection program and effort of the local professionals, the area of Cabo de Palos is a privileged area for the Try dive.
The wildlife that you are able to observe is varied, featuring sea grass meadows, groupers, salema schools (Sarpa salpa), cuttlefishes and many surprises await you to discover.

First sea dive

  • Cabo De Palos
    • 78.50 $

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