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About Diving in Santa de Tenerife

Diving in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a wonderful experience because the spectacular plethoric spectacular ecosystems of the most diverse marine species.  It is an island that offers the best conditions to dive. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife has more than 30 diving sites along the entire coast. Diving on this site is notable for the great variety of flora and fauna on the wrecks. The most visited diving sites are Las Galletas, Punta de la Rasca Sur, and Punta de la Cruz. Regarding to the fishes variety we can find in Tenerife abades, bream, conger, moray eels and groupers.

Featured dives in Tenerife. In the north we can find a more technical diving because this area is characterized by its rough waters. Here you can find volcanic landscapes. Some immersions are the following: La Catedral, La chimenea and Realejos.  In the south the climate is calmer because of this many diving centers offer their services. The south has the major number immersion sites. The most visited diving area ranges from Las Galletas to Los Gigantes. Some immersions: Roncadores, The Condesito, Cueva Del Palmar and Paradise Beach.

The impressive mammals such as the pilot whale and the sperm-whale, (wich exist in the seabed), are common in these beautiful waters. Regarding particularly to the sperm-whale we can say that its population is stable in Tenerife and in Las Canarias, there they are seen with frequency. It should be noted that the male can reach the spectacular 19 meters long, weighing up to 40 tons. The female, in turn, can be up to 15 meters and 25 tons in weight.

This striking species are immersed up to 3 miles deep to feed on giant squid, which are their favorite food. They can stay on the seabeds for almost two hours, after that time they go to the surface to breath. For divers is really overwhelming to meet with this giant from the ocean. A kind of radar in their head helps them to perceive their prey in the deep darkness in the seabed of these waters.

Dive with Dolphins in Tenerife

When you have the great luck to dive in Santa Cruz de Tenerife ii will be possible to see frequently the precious and playful dolphins. The common dolphin, spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins are highlighted. From these three species the common dolphin is the one with major number in Tenerife. Its length can reach 2.5 meters. They are seen in a wonderful performance from the ships, wich go searching dive sites.

They swim in big groups at high speed, the same as the ships themselves, it feels like they are following the people’s path. But it is a disgrace watch helplessly how sometimes you can find them stranded on beaches. It is because according the studies the waters are getting contaminated. Further, often you can see them trapped accidentally in the fishing nets. The dolphin, which is the other name that has been given to the bottlenose dolphin, is abundant on the cliffs of Los Giants, located at the west of Tenerife. They can be spotted in groups of up to 30 beautiful specimens.  The male measures 3.5 meters length, the female can measure even 3 meters.

Other marine life

Regarding to the always admired and attractive loggerhead turtle, also called “caretta caretta”, they are very characteristic of Tenerife. They are very abundant in these waters, especially during the summer months. His favorite food is jellyfish, mollusks, crustaceans and fish, wich abound in the waters of all Tenerife. Unfortunately it is usual to see them trapped accidentally as same as the dolphins in fishing nets, for this reason this specie is endangered.

One of the fishes that have more number of them living in Tenerife is the famous and popular mackerel, which are unique to dwell on the surface as in the seabed adjacent to Tenerife Ocean.  Also called high mackerel, this fish is seen by divers in large groups, and even without any inconvenience to swim with other species such as sardines and vogues. Other species of these waters is the black pooch, which measures almost two meters long. Often they remain half buried in the sandy bottom to stalk their unfortunate victims, which are their food. They can be seen in large groups in the same area, awhile you don’t bother them you will be safe. The visibility of them is more possible during the spring months. Let us see another interesting species that lives in the Tenerife waters. It is the rockfish, which can be dangerous for divers, because it has poisonous glands in the spines of the head and dorsal fin.

This specie has as well small appendages hanging from his jaw. They are relatively small (15 inches) and live in rocky bottoms or rocky-sandy bottoms. There are many types of scorpion, which divers can enjoy. It is a really strange kind of fish.

Let us see now the beautiful abbots who swim in large groups, presenting a cute underwater spectacle. This fish can reach 50 inches.  Usually inhabit rocky bottoms or bottoms of rocks covered with algae. Males are gray and the females have a beautiful red color. They measure up to one meter (from 50 cm), and they are not shy at all in the presence of divers. They can almost interact with these beautiful specimens.  Other species that divers can enjoy in Tenerife are the trumpet fish, the old fish, the moray eels, green peje, angel shark, sand eel and snorers. Besides, you can see the seahorses, white bream, sea stars and catalufas are purely nocturnal behavior.


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