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Palamós is a city located in the province of Gerona. Palamós is characterized by its variety of dives of all levels and characteristics. One of the renowned dive is Boreas, a German tugboat and icebreaker caught with a drug cargo close to Palamos coast in 1985. It was a ship with more than 35 meters long.

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There are many offers to choose from when it comes to diving centers in Palamós. Try dive, diving courses for beginners and advanced courses for experienced divers, all are available. Diving in Palamós is suitable for all types of diver.  Find the Boreas, one of the best wrecks of Catalonian Coast, Formigues and la Llosa de Palamós are charming areas full of lives. Their rocky and sandy bottom alternations make the fauna and flora become diverse. Worth noticing species of this area are groupers, several types of opisthobranch, conger eel, octopus, lobster and all the life that shelter in many cracks and holes of the rocky seabed.

The diving area of Palamós is a good place of you spend one of more days diving in Costa Brava. Additionally, the city and the surroundings offer gastronomic and culture for non-divers or for days that you are away from the ocean.

Most Popular dives in Palamos

Pecio Boreas: The giant German which was handed in to the German Marine during the second world war. Once the war was over, it was part of the EE.UU Marine. In 1968, the giant was restored and remodeled and returned to the German Marine. In 1980, it was sold as scrap to a society dedicated to make business.

Illes Formigues: It is an archipelago located at 5 km. from the Palamos port. The diving depth ranges are from 9 to 24 meters.

La Llosa: It is a dive with a very varied orography, where you can find canals, big cracks and also shipwrecks.