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Menorca is a Mediterranean island of Spain. It belongs to the Balearic Islands (an archipelago of 5 islands). It is the second largest island (over 700 km2) and the third most populous island (more than 90,000 inhabitants). The name is derived from “Minorica”, which means smaller than Mallorca.

It has a mild climate in the winter (12oC) and warm in summer (25oC), thanks to the North wind (Tramontana)  that crosses the island. The shore is lapped with warm, clear water (visibility greater than 30m). The island has a large number of beaches, many of them are untouched, inaccessible with crystal waters that invite divers to discover the underwater world.

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You can dive among shipwrecks. Located in different depth, it is suitable for both novice divers and advanced divers. You can dive the wreck of Francina at 20 meters deep. Between 39-50 meters deep is the wreck of Francisquita- a Spanish cargo ship, sank in 1952. For technical divers, the Georgia-K, a French cargo ship, a sinking full of mystery. This ship sank in 1992, located at a sandy bottom of 100 meters deep.

Menorca has various caverns and caves, which are suitable for diver of all levels. The Cathedral, named after its large air cavity and a very large entrance hall, is a remarkable example.Other dives that we can do is Pozo de la Luna or one of the most amazing dives in Europe, Pont d’en Gil. Inside this cave, we can see awesome rocky formations.

Dive sites and sea life

If you aim to observe the life underwater, Menorca is the perfect area. Among its seagrass meadows, the white sand bottom and vertical walls, you can find groupies, spiny lobsters, cuttlefish, conger eel, lobsters and many nudibranchs. Since Menorca has a marine reserve, its biodiversity is protected and have an area to reproduce and survive.

Menorca offers possibilities for all divers. No matter what your level is, diving experience in Menorca is spectacular and addictive.