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Javea is a municipality of the Valencian community, located in the north coast of the Alicante province. In Javea, it is important to mention the San Antonio marine reserve which has more than 25 points along the coast. There, you can find the cliff area, whose access from the coast is difficult. Diving during all the year is possible in this area, the average temperature ranges from 21 to 26 degrees in summer and 14 degrees in winter.

Diving at Costa Blanca is mostly on a combination of different types of seabed, rocky and sandy bottoms. It is an area rich in life and has good visibility. The area certainly benefits from the Marine Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio. The Marine Reserve is located in the town of Jávea and Denia. The Reserve area is from the Eastern tip of Cabo de San Antonio to the meridian that crosses the tip of St. Nicolas. Within the marine reserve of Cabo de San Antonio, you can find a lot of lives, thanks to the environmental protection of this area. The features animals are slipper lobster, grouper, big fishes, bream and gorgonians.

There are several dive centers in Jávea authorized to perform underwater activities in the Marine Reserve. However, some limitations exist. Therefore, it is recommended to check for restrictions before you go diving in Jávea

Renowned dive points in Javea

The common access to most dive sites in Jávea is by boat. Therefore, you should choose to dive with a local center, who is an expert in the best dive sites of Jávea.

There are various dive sites in Jávea. You can wreck dive at Vaporet, in caves, with rocky and sandy bottom covered with Posidonia. The variety of dives in Jávea makes it suitable for all divers. Both new divers, who have just started this exciting sport, as well as experienced divers, who are looking for quality training courses, will feel comfortable in Jávea. 

Marine reserve San Antonia “Primera Boya”: an ideal place to find sea bass, gilthead breams and a great variety of invertebrate.

The Marine reserve San Antonio “Segunda Boya”: it has a maximum depth of 18 meters.

Tango: it is made up of big rocky formations and is a dive suitable for inexperienced divers and La virgen that begins in the north face of San Martin cape. The abundance of sea life is great there.

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