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Diving in Ibiza is very attractive for the divers from all over the world, and it is ideal to dive, Ibiza is one of the best tourist sites of Europe. Ibiza is known for its crystal clear waters and spectacular coastline of over 200 km, this Ibiza has made a spectacular place to practice diving. The sea temperature varies between 14 and 28 degrees throughout the year. Ibiza is the third smallest island which is part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea Island. With more than 15 islands around the Natural Reserve Cala d’Hort Marine is where you can find a great diving selection.

About the best dives in Ibiza

Los Llado: Two small islets are located about 4 km from the port of Ibiza. It is a site with ample opportunities for immersion.

Don Pedro: It is a sunken boat which collided with the small islet in the summer of 2007. This wreck has a large ecosystem for marine life.

Also you can visit the marine Platform, which is an underwater fish farm used to fatten the gilt-head bream (Sparus aurata). It has over 200 kilometers of coastline, provided one of the clearest waters in Europe. For this reason, the visibility is excellent for diving.

Off the coast of this island paradise, you may be marveled at the panorama offered by boulders, cliffs and a number of islets. In these precious geographic accidents of Ibiza the divers can “rest” with 80 diving places that exist among them, for all the levels. Each diving site has their own and specific characteristic. However, the best thing here is the excellent visibility of the waters which is always greater than 20 meters.

In addition to the same visibility, diving on this island is characterized diving in rocky bottoms, caves, cracks, crevices, reefs and corallines funds and soaring walls of submarine cliffs. This great “photography” is enriched by beautiful gorgonian, sponges, algae, anemones, including exemplary placidly such as conger, moray eels, groupers, octopuses and lobsters move. It will print a special beauty to these crystal blue waters oblate, castanets, amberjacks, barracuda, bream and golden.

Important information for diving in Ibiza

The water temperature of Ibiza is between 26 ° C and 28 ° C in August, which is the time when the waters are warmer. In February the temperature is between 13°C and 14°C, it is the coldest season during the year.

In Margaritas Island the divers and tourists can find a truly paradise, both outside and underwater. The depth ranges from 15 to 45 meters. The moray eels move among the waters and caves in all forms and sizes. The show is really wonderful.  Cap Nono is other diving site very popular for divers from all over the world, diving is kind of strange since the sun never touch the depths. The fauna and streams abound in the darkness, and it makes the diving very interesting.

What to expect to see

About the Islet Pallaret, we can say that this is a favorite diving site for all divers. The concentration of different species of fishes is impressive. Barracudas, amberjacks, salps, eels, groupers, breams and the moray eels are the highlights among many other species. If these water could be protected the spectacle could be even greater. However this place is still wonderful. Isla Conejera has so many and different diving sites for all the levels. The underwater scenery is amazing.

Vertiginous walls and numerous caves, act as "backdrop" to an abundance marine life and an occasional interesting object, such as the amphorae that sank with some boats that perished there 20 centuries ago. Now “let’s go” to Esparta Island where is possible to dive at only 5 meters deep to, if desired, you can begin to descend the walls seem infinite. It can reach 40 meters. But before we get to the bottom thereof, divers will find fabulous rock formations, including swimming moray eels, bream, octopus and grouper, and many other species. Other wonderful site is Bledas Island. It is truly a paradise “painted” by beautiful islands and islets. Because it is far away from men the underwater life is splendid.

The fauna is impressive and it is “painted” by fantastic gorgonians at a depth of 30 or 35 meters. It is without doubt one of the greatest shows of the Mediterranean Sea. Other “jewel” of Ibiza is Es Vedra Island. It is a beautiful canyon, which rises about 380 meters above the sea surface, to then drop to 80 meters deep. La Mariana is well-known as “Platform” and it is a huge metal structure (which, for years, served as factory fishing) resting forever in the ocean floor. It is surrounded by curtains castanets, peaceful yellowtail barracuda and huge size. Among the twisted metal, divers will enjoy the presence of scorpion fish, brotulas, conger and moray eels. All this “miscellaneous” of marine species share slits and cracks. It is said that “every hole brings a pleasant surprise.”


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