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This “Caribbean Pearl” is in reality the peak of the submarine volcano, which is fill of mountain formations, both on the earth and the sea level. The diving in Santa Lucia is therefore wonderful and with underwater topography. Santa Lucia is a small island in the Caribe. It is a volcanic island mainly formed by mountains. St. Lucia is for both beginners and experienced divers.

This is a small tropical jewel with very impressive white sand beaches in the west coast in front to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. In some parts, the beautiful tropical forest, is only interrupted by banana and mango plantations.

The Marine Life in St Lucia

This island is the home for St. Lucia Parrot and several other tropical species. Everyone can enjoy the impressive variety of colorful corals, sponges and other marine life species. The artificial reefs have been developed around a number of sunken ships. They are now grown with huge gorgonians, black coral trees, gigantic barrel sponges, purple vase sponges and black corals. If you are lucky, the Caribbean waters can show you the turtles, sharks, sea horses, angel fishes and eels gold flecks. Another exciting dive site is Keyhole Pinnacles that has four marine mountains rising up from incredible depths to a few meters of the surface.

Under the sea there are some incredible "vents" that provide hot water to these seas, creating perfect conditions for marine life. You can find beautiful rock formations, which has a huge variety of corals, strange but beautiful sponges, trenches, pinnacles and arches. And there are wandering around this beautiful landscape, swim frogfish, angelfish, the sea horses of all colors, stripes and other species more.

Also the lucky divers can see as usual a great variety of true black coral trees, gorgonians, huge barrel sponges, spot nurse sharks, turtles and spectacular striped with gold spots, plus eels.

Diving Sites

The hidden diving sites of St. Lucia are very curious and is well known as the “Superman flying,” because there were filmed so many scenes of the movie “Superman 2.”

In this place usually you can find the splendid golden spots eels, frog fish, and the turtles and spectacular, bizarre and exotic fish stone.

In second term, we have the “Coral Gardens” where there are precious coral gardens around, there you can find swimming to the school snappers, majestic feather stars, harlequin shrimp, squirrel fish and beautiful soldfierfishs.

This spectacular submarine view is the map of so many sceneries for the submarine photography. The protection that the government gave to them, allow them to form corallines found in very good conditions.

We have now the “Fairy Land,” a place truly magic for the diving and the submarine photography. Its strong currents help the waters to be very crystal offering a great visibility. The magnificent variety of corals and sponges of all the colors existents, make this place and site one of the most beautiful places to dive in the Caribe.

The strong currents brings a spectacular shoals of jacks, mackerel and lovely squid banks, besides the beautiful Caribbean sea turtles. Another amazing place is “The Keyhole”, voted as one of the top 10 diving sites in the Caribbean by “Caribbean Travel and Life.” There are four almost majestic pinnacles emerging to the surface water. These pinnacles are home to the called “finger coral” and the “gorgonian” coral, where so many sea horses cling to the branches of all shapes and colors.

To say nothing about “Anse Chastanet Reef,” placed at the southwest of St. Lucia. There you can see a deep coated precious corals, providing a majestic habitat to the sole, peacock fish, marlin and the always beautiful Caribbean turtles.

When you go down for the wall, the coral becomes even denser. There are eels, parrot fish, seahorses and lobsters swimming in the sea.

For other hand, down in the water of St. Lucia rest so many sank ships, which has so many animal species around already, and they are reproducing huge gorgonians, barrel sponges, giant, black coral trees, glamorous purple vase sponges, and soft and sensitive corals with a shape and texture of the lace.

Continuing “Scuba St. Lucia” is one of the most respected places for diving in all the world. It is a place really impressive where the marine life, sheltered by the spectacular blue and turquoise color of its waters, and they are crystal as well, and have so many variety of marine life.

There are over 150 fish species that live in this “paradise” turning the night diving in a hypnotic experience. All the west coast of St. Lucia have more than 20 whale species. It is very common to see cachalots, humpback whales and pilot whales.

And about the cachalots, we can say that these creatures are well known for their big heads and their prominent rounded foreheads. They have a brain bigger than all the animals in the planet, including the dinosaurs, which are extinct already. From their heads come a strange substance that has been given the name “spermaceti.”

Before people believed that the substance was the sperm of the male cachalot, for this reason they are known with the name sperm-whale as well. Nevertheless, lately the scientists discovered that that substance, which turns hard, help the cachalots to modify their buoyancy to dive great depths and then up again.

Those majestic animals go deep until one kilometer deep looking for cuttlefish, which are their favorite food. Something very magical and very amazing is that these animals can hold their breath up to 90 minutes.