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by Scubacrowd

The experience to dive in Portugal can be really wonderful because its paradise in the continental zone and in the insular area, and other reason why you should visit Portugal is because its amazing culture and the close to the sea they are.

Diving in Portugal 

Portugal is very well known for its great weather, gastronomy, wine and hospitality. One of the greatest activities as well is the diving, maybe there is people who doesn’t know about it, but the experience is just so incredible. It has a long Atlantic coastline that you can dive in so many cities as Porto, Averie, Penuche, Lisboan, Lakes or Lighthouse.

To dive in the Azores islands, which is a Portuguese archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, is very exciting. You can do it on the day or the night and it is for all the levels, so beginners or experts can find a place to do what they love. You can find here caves, wrecks and funds of rock and sand. The water temperature are very nice during all the year and the visibility is so good.

The archipelago of Madeira is other favorite site for the diving activity in Portugal, with warm water during all the year and with a rich and amazing biodiversity.

The rest of Portugal presents colder waters than Madeira or Azores, but this is not an impediment to practice the exciting diving activity. The Berlengas archipielago, which is next to the Portugal coast, has characteristics of both Atlantic and Mediterranean, and it is considered a protected zone since 1465. The Marine Nature Reserve Berlengas is famous for its clear visibility, and its ideal conditions for all the divers, who are looking for exciting experiences.

The coast of Algarve offers as well so many diving sites with colorful marine life. You can find here so many caves, reefs and wrecks. So if you enjoy diving and you like the gorgonians in walls, and other species you will feel satisfied. The bay Blue Water is fill of fishes, rocks and banks of seaweed. Here you will discover intriguing wrecks of World War II, and a dazzling underwater scenery.

It is worth to know the Pedrinha, where you can see so many volcanic forms and a Blue Grotto, which is a cave with 13 meters deep.

This country has nearly 2,000 km of coast, where you can find so many diving centers, including ancient islands like “Madeira” and The “Azores.” The famous “Berlengas Archipielago” is located 16 km from the picturesque coastal town of “Peniche.”

This place is a paradise to practice the technical diving, it has dozen of sites where there are shallow reefs and some wrecks, which are depth inside the sea. The visibility is so good, and it can be even more than 30 meters.

Diving Sites

In “Algarve” you will find one of the most popular sites for the diving activity, this is one of the touristic zones from Portugal.

Anemones abound in the “boulders” that are scattered in “Albufeira.” There is as well amazing starfishes and all kind of nudibranqios in the caves and walls of “Sagres.” The artificial reefs that are around “Portimao” are so spectacular.

The famous “Madeira Islands” have a very nice semi tropical weather, it is because they are near to the North of Africa than Portugal. The mantas, dolphins, rays and huge groupers reside peacefully in the deep blue waters around these islands.

And about the “Azores” you can see that they are located to the half of the “way towards to the North of America from Africa,” this makes them to be in the center of the immense Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the amazing versions of the lost civilizations fans are in the Azores, which is one of the principal sites of the legendary “Atlantida,” which is so beautiful and has a spectacular geographic.

In the “Formiga Islands” are part of the Azores, the divers find a paradise very exotic and there is almost no black coral, and around there is so many marine animals swimming, these animals are the stingrays, sharks and the precious sea turtles.

And about the deep waters, you can see there is all kind of deepness, especially for the diving activity. In the "Continental Portugal” especially in the zone of “Algarve,” the waters are less deep. The visibility is very good in these waters because the sun lights penetrates almost to the seabed.

Marine Life

About the black coral, we can say that they have a very peculiar aspect and they are similar to the terrestrial shrubs, their living weaves have a very black color very brilliant.

Unfortunately they are persecuted for an artisanal and jewelry purpose, for this reason today this specie is so protected. And the good news are that they live in the deep water so it is very difficult to get and hunt them.

This let you appreciate in all the splendor the great variety of so many species, the sun light helps to see the wonderful luminance contrast to the kelp forests found in multiple colors.

In the Azores and in Madeira the waters are very deep. This helps the divers to have a “party” because they can enjoy an amazing view of exotic and strange species. It is very difficult to do the sub- aquatic, but they can “drag” a big number of splendid and rare species. And about the water temperature, you can see that the islands change their temperature between 13° C and 24°. And when the temperature is in their lower point, some divers use their thermal wetsuits.

It is easier to see the big species like the manta rays, dolphins and sharks, and it is more difficult to see the small creatures such as nudibranchs and anemones.


In the Azores and Madeira, the visibility is so much better as long as the diving practice is near to the coasts, and because it is farther then the visibility decreases.

Respecting to the view, you can see the shallowness water, which are very close to the continental coasts, varies over a range of three to fifteen meters, it depends of the weather conditions.

However if the diving in the “open sea” are superficial, the visibility can be good, although it is very difficult to see easily all the diversity of sea species.

And about the streams, you can see they are soft and they are superficial and very close to the continent.