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About Playa Del Carmen

Diving in Playa del Carmen is full of great surprises. The lush coral reef is located a few minutes by boat from the dive centers on this beach. The reefs are very diverse and let the divers dive very deep, it is ideal to dive in the night and satisfy all the desires and it is an ideal place to dive in all the levels.

Typical fishes of the Caribbean reefs, turtles, moray eels, stingrays, sponges will delight those who are immersed in these waters. In some seasons it is possible to enjoy the presence of the bull shark and nurse shark. Only 35 minutes by boat, it is possible to go to a dive center that features majestic coral formations, highlighting the presence of brain coral and sponges.  The “barracuda” is a splendid dive site located at the south of Del Carmen beach, between “Turtles” and "Mama Vine". It is a spectacular reef that is 15 meters deep.

There are diving during the day and during the night. And you can enjoy the presence of the angel fish, boxfish, flute fish, moray eels and many other species. Mama Vine is just 20 minutes by boat to the south of Del Carmen beach. This is a huge shipwreck resting on the seabed 28 meters deep. It was a shrimp boat that was deliberately sunk to create an artificial reef in 1995. It is covered by beautiful corals and has been colonized by barracudas.

Where to go and what to see in Playa del Carmen

At the south of Del Carmen beach we can find another wonderful dive site, which is a reef that descends slowly from 25 to 35 meters deep. Although the number of divers is poor it is a place where you can find so many corals, sponges, turtles, moray eels and sharks in some seasons of the year. Between Del Carmen beach and Cozumel we can find other spectacular diving site located in two places at the same time. Divers here can enjoy the immersions through a dramatic wall 40 meters deep. This wall is covered with a large number and coral diversity of “thousands of colors”.

There live turtles, angel fishes, butterfly fish, sergeant fish and other wonderful tropical Caribbean species. Because of its depth this site is suitable only for experienced divers. In general terms we can say that in Del Carmen beach is possible to enjoy fullness of the second world's largest reef, after the majestic barrier reef from Australia.  Turtle Reef is one of the dive sites visited by experts and beginner divers worldwide. Chun-zumbul is other popular site, the marine life is abundant, and it is ideal for beginner divers. It is located at the north of Del Carmen beach.  The minimum depth is only 6 meters, while the maximum is 12 meters with a great visibility of 20 meters.

Gardens is another great site for diving, it has the most spectacular soft and hard corals. It is located to the north of Del Carmen beach. You can enjoy and have a long and relaxed diving over here. For its special characteristics this place is ideal for beginners and expert divers, they can take pictures and videos as their wish of all the variety and quantity of the species in these waters.

Other wonderful diving of the site Del Carmen beach is Sabalos. The marine streams in this place are very intense. Regarding to the depth and visibility we can say that they are quite similar to those of Gardens. This site is located south of Del Carmen beach. And talking about the before mentioned “Barracuda” we can say the diving there is shallow. However, because the strong streams is ideal just for professional divers. The minimum depth is 6 meters and the maximum is 14 meters. The visibility of 20 meters let the divers to appreciate a wonderful marine life.

Let us see now some important information about “Turtle,” another site we before mentioned as well. It has a beautiful coral and sponges’ garden, above which seems to “fly” the most beautiful sea turtles looking for food.  Its minimum depth is 16 meters and the maximum is 30 meters. Visibility is great about 30 meters, so it is possible to see, in all its glory, the beautiful sea turtles. Regarding to Mama Vine, the one we mentioned before as well, we have important information about its great depth, the strong streams and the rapid descent make it suitable for experienced divers. Additionally the entries to the amount of “twists” are somewhat complex.

The minimum depth is 21 meters and the maximum is 30 meters. Their visibility is about 30 meters magnificent.  In Brains is possible to dive among crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters and shrimp.  In Shark Point you can find sandy bottoms, where it is possible to dive surrounded by the bull sharks.

At Arches, you can see the rays, snappers, turtles, a multitude of tropical fish and some sharks.  Other interesting dive sites found in Del Carmen beach are Green Wall, Deep Moc-che (with bull sharks) and Moc-che.


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