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Things to know about Cabo San Lucas

Diving in Cabo San Lucas is possible and you don’t need to be an expert diver, because their geographic distribution doesn’t offer major complications for novice divers. Cabo San Lucas is located in southern Baja California and it has been qualified as one of the five top tourist destinations in Mexico. The city is well-known for its beautiful beaches and diving places in crystal waters, such as: End of the Earth or The South Wall.

During the winter is possible to see groups of whales enjoying the warm waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez. The rest of the year, the divers will be astonished for the great variety and quantity of marine life, which surrounds the reefs in Cabo San Lucas and you, can have the opportunity to enjoy of the company of tropical fishes, rays and shark whales.  It was described by Jacques Cousteau as “one of the richest seas of the world,” the Sea of Cortez offers an unforgettable diving experience through the exploration of shipwrecks, caves, reefs and sand falls. It is the most extraordinary experience in the diving world, thanks to the great variety of marine life and the great underwater topography.

About the Sea Life in Cabo San Lucas

In Cabo San Lucas is possible to admire, at its best, the gorgonian, underwater canyons, colonies of black coral, underwater sand falls, beautiful schools of all kinds of tropical fish and much more.  It is possible to see as well marine turtles, giant rays, sea ​​lions, hammerhead sharks and beautiful living corals representing more than 350 species. Its crystal clear waters are more magical than optimal for practicing diving, which is more than mesmerizing. The lucky divers can swim with the enormous and breathtaking whale sharks. Plus, it is possible to be close and admire the incredible grey whales, which come each year to the coast of Baja California.

One of the most wonderful experience that you can live in Cabo San Lucas, is watching the spectacular gray whales. These giant marine animals are mostly traveling all their life through the oceans of the world. Between December and March, they visit the coast of the Baja California Peninsula. After a journey of nearly 10,000 miles from Siberia and Alaska, they migrate to the coasts of the Cabo San Lucas.

The Sea of Cortez a great variety of fishes, yellowfin tuna, the majestic and elegant sailfish, marlin, gilt-head bream and many more. To enjoy all this “fantasy,” is necessary to visit this place between the months of October and January. The best sites to dive in San Lucas, are numerous and varied. We have in first place Sandos and Fenestra, The Cabos. In these waters you can see a great quantity and variety of species, of the Pacific Ocean.

Diving in the Cabo San Lucas is feasible during all the year around, it has a great visibility up to 30 meters. The most temperate and warm temperatures are between the months of June and September. Most dive sites are protected from winds, streams and waves, so it is possible to find diving sites for beginner divers.

The Sea Cortez is one of the bodies of water in the world most fascinating to explore. For some reason the legendary Jacques Cousteau called it “the world's aquarium.” This underwater explorer dare call it that, because there is more than 1,000 species of fishes living in its waters. There are some of the strongest marine streams of the Pacific Ocean.

For this reason its waters have great quantity and quality of nutrients and fertilizers, which attracts so many animals. There are so many rays, eagle rays, sea turtles and sea lions, and many other species. In addition we have the presence of profuse barracuda, butterfly fish, angel fish, sailfish, sea stars, hammerheads and bull sharks. The site The Cabos became one of the most important diving destinies of the world. Some of the best diving sites are located just to 15 or 20 minutes by boat from the coast of The Cabo San Lucas.

Best dive sites in the location

The Marine Park Cabo San Lucas: In its calm waters is possible to see enormous vertical and vertiginous walls, beautiful coral reefs and of course, the famous Arch, which has a small colony of sea lions. The beautiful waterfalls of sand that are the home for eels, parrot fish, huge lobsters and many other species, makes enjoyable the experience of the lucky divers who immerse themselves to these impressive waters.

The Corridor: In the touristic Corridor from the Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo there are shallow water that have the most splendid habitat for a large number of reefs. In these reefs live marine turtles, rays and the sea stars in all forms, sizes and colors. For the lovers of underwater photography, the Blow Hole constitutes a great opportunity.

Gordo Banks:   Its Deep waters and strong streams make of this site an ideal place for expert divers. The manta rays and the hammerheads are just two of the huge variety of species that move through these waters.


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