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by Scubacrowd

Diving in Mexico is considered as one of the most complete Diving Activity in the world. Its 12,000 kilometers of coastline are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean and the waters of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, on the other.

Its strong and deep currents, plethoric nutritious food, attract larger species of the world's oceans, whereas its sea offer a breathtaking spectacle of colorful reefs of almost the entire spectrum, which give shelter to small species.

Diving in Mexico 

Mexico has more than 12,000 kilometers of coastline, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Practicing the diving in Mexico you will discover a paradise full of colors and incredible landscape, great variety of species and interesting geological formations.

To dive in Mexico, the "menu" is vast and splendid, to the point where you will not know which place to choose between the Riviera Maya, Tulum, Veracruz, Cancun, Mujeres Island, Acapulco, Guadalupe Island, Cozumel or the Sea of ​​Cortez.

Cenotes (Yucatan)

In Mexico are famous the “Cenotes,” which in the Mayas language means “abyss.” They are wells with sweet water created by the imestone erosion. Particularly, Yucatan Cenotes offer to the divers’ one of the most hypnotic experiences worldwide. 

It is a freshwater well limestone formation. It has calm, shallow and bright waters. Because Cenotes were sacred to the Maya, there you will discover a little history about this ancient civilization and some human remains still lie.

In the single Yucatan peninsula you will find more than 3,000 of this geological formations, so that you can choose as your wish, if it is provided there diving programs in them.

It is estimated that in the rest of Mexico, it is not discovered yet a huge number of Cenotes. In these formations, the light is the main character so that'll be really dazzled.

Awhile you are diving among the trees roots, you will be very impressed by the “Haloclines” that is a curious and impressive visual effect because the junction of freshwater with salt water while enjoy visibility of more than 100 meters in some areas.

Guadalupe Island

Let’s see now something very amazing like the “Guadalupe Island.” It is something like a “lost Island of the Pacific,” here you can dive in the greedy and fearsome white shark, refugee in resistant metal cages. It is the best diving site in the world, here you can dive with white sharks, which are wonderful sea creatures. 

There you will have the possibility to see a great white shark. 110 of them comes during all the year attracted for the warm waters.


In the beautiful “Veracruz” you will find a marine paradise that will give you the opportunity to appreciate the different species of coral, scorpion fish, parrot fish and surgeon fish swimming among corals splendid brain.

Also, you can dive with magnificent bull shark.

It has more than 750 kilometers of coast, you can see coral formations, hundreds of species of coral and lush greenery that hosts rich marine fauna. On Blanquilla or the Lobos islands you can see angels and other pelagic species. In Playa del Carmen is seeing the bull shark.


One of the “pearls” of the Caribe is Cozumel. This island is really an impressive coral reef of 648 kilometers square, it is a home for more than 250 species of tropical fishes that offer you a great “Symphony of shapes and colors.”

Also, it is home for the precious and giant marine turtles, of the rays’ manta, the big and different species of sharks.

But, the “party” didn’t finish there. In Cozumel you will enjoy the presence of the barracudas, angel fishes, triggerfish, angelfish, nurse sharks fish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, amazing nudibranchs, octopus, eels and huge lobsters.

It is one of the wonder of the Caribe. It is inside a coral reef of 647 square kilometers. This region has approximately 250 species of tropical fishes, manta rays, sharks and sea turtles. From 1997 the National Park of Cozumel Reefs protects the fauna: barracudas, butterfly ray, nurse shark and octopus.

Sea of ​​Cortez

“Let’s go” now to the “Cortes Sea.” Its splendid weather, its winds and marine currents are a great place for all the marine life, attracted by the great numbers of plankton.

In zones like “The queen,” “The Islets,” “The Souls” and “The Warblers,” find underwater valleys, canyons and huge depths of more than three miles deep.

In this landscape there are so many shrimp, lobster, large, sea urchins, squid, octopus, shellfish of all kinds, crabs, sea biscuits, sea stars, along with a variety of fish including spectacular marlyn, the goldfish, eels, mackerel and huge and stripes flying.

It is impossible to find other landscape similar to this beautiful one, also it has an interesting variety of shark species, like the white tip, the colossal whale shark and the great white shark feared that almost resembles a plane.

The “Cortes Sea” is considered as “The worldwide capital of the whales.” Between January and April you will visit the grey whales, the blue whales, the Humpback whale and pilot whale, in the Mexican Pacific and Gulf of California.

The sea Cortez is rich in species because its waters has a lot of plankton. In the seabed is possible to see valleys, submarine canyons and chasms over 3 miles. The dominating species are crustaceans, mollusks and sharks.

Revillagigedo Island

The “Revillagigedo” are synonymous of diving with large pelagic. The most frightening and voracious predator on the planet, are attracted by the wealth of its waters.

These islands form a wonderful archipielago, considered as “Biosphere Reserve” in which commercial fishing is strictly prohibited. As a result, life abounds amounts that amazes even the most experienced diver.

In these waters abound giant endowed schools of tropical fish of all colors that can be found in nature, many species of sharks and the ever majestic, elegant and seductive blankets that look like they are “flying in the water.”

And about this mantas, we can say that in the waters of this archipielago live the biggest rays’ mantas in the world. They are always in big groups leaving you very impressed.

The large predators come to these islands by the richness of its waters. Because commercial fishing is prohibited, there are no schools of fish, manta rays and 7 species of sharks, which can be discovered with scuba diving in Mexico.

The waters of this wonderful country have strange, mysterious, breathtaking and unique geological formations in the world, where you can enjoy the presence of strange but splendid lights.

In this “Earth paradise” you will find whales and you can dive with sharks.

Its dimples and vertical walls that seem "infinite" are called "The Well of Life" and rightly so, given the endless variety of marine life that is installed there.