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by Scubacrowd

Gozo is the second biggest island of the archipelago. Compared to the Malta Island, Gozo is much more rural and is famous for its sceneries, beautiful and breathtaking hills over green pastures. Associated with Calypso Island of the Greek´s Odyssey by Homer, Gozo is a mythical island where the enamored Calypso held Odysseus captive on his way home for a long 7 years until he escapes from her grasp. If only Calypso has taken Odysseus diving instead…

Diving in Gozo offers many possibilities, you can dive in caves, caverns, wrecks, tunnels, vertical walls that plunge into the sea, several meter long underwater chimneys, etc.

Gozo is a beautiful island, both inland and submerged part.

Dive centers in Gozo: How to get there?

To get to Gozo, you will have to cross the ocean from the island of Malta by ferry. Ferry traffic depends strongly on the season of the year, with better traffic and service in the high season. If you want to dive in Gozo, you have two choices: Go to Gozo by yourself and dive with dive centers in Gozo or buy a diving package from one of the dive centers in Malta.

Popular dive spots in Gozo

Dwerja Point: Many of the world famous dive sites are found here. Inland Sea with its amazing cave system, breathtaking boulders at Fungus Rock, and the Blue Hole are one of many others to be explored and admired.

Cathedral Cave: A cave dive as the name suggests where you will see huge boulders covered  in algae, sea urchins and starfishes. The entrance is 5m below and leads you to a huge domed vault where you can practice your singing voice after surfacing. The view to the outside ocean is simply amazing.

Karwela: A wreck dive to remember with a ferry designed to carry 863 passengers. The Karwela has some open passageways and swim-throughs, Nudibranch lovers will be stalking this wreck since it is their feeding ground. The dive can be started from the shore, with a potential depth of 39m.

The wrecks of Gozo: These wrecks are located in the channel between Gozo and Malta. You can find three wrecks at depths exceeding 25 meters. They are spectacular sites for diving. We suggest you to dive more than once to fully admire these wrecks. At some wrecks, it is possible to get inside if you have the required certification and experience. It is important to ask for information  from local divers if you have any doubt. There is one wreck lies upside down and access to the interior can be dangerous without proper knowledge.