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South Alifu Dhaalu is also called South Ari Atoll, and is the southern part of Ari Atoll. Alifu Dhaalu has been separated  from the North Ari purely for administrative aims, and it remains being a  popular holiday place in the Maldives due to its amont of wonderful dive sites, outstanding marine life, especially talking about  sharks and manta rays, as well some beautiful  landscapes, both over and under water.

Alifu Dhaalu atoll has about 50 islands overall , of which only 10 are inhabited, the capital is Mahibadhoo. There are many islands in Alifu Dhaalu but due to the surface and the activities in there only some of them are inhabited, but remains on being out breathing according to the beauty they got. 

Alifu Dhaalu atoll is in the western side of the Maldives, the second most western atoll in all of Maldives. The population of this island is very skilled on natural things like fishing and hunting and are very concerned about the protection of the nature especially of the marine life, often involved in protecting sharks.

The Dhigurashu Kandu region in South Ari atoll is famous for its turquoise blue water and it still offers a wide range of marine life and beautiful underwater landscapes for the scuba diving and explore in deep waters. Join the enthusiast community of divers !

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