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Kenya is becoming a very popular destination among divers. The wealth of wildlife is as varied and intense underwater as on the land. Along the coast, the pristine waters of Kenya are home to exceptional reefs, which shelter great sealife and countless species of fish.

Several world-class dive sites are situated on the coast North of Mombasa, in the protected area of the Watamu Marine National Park. Some of the reefs are close to shore, which grants an easy access to the coral gardens to scuba learners. The outer reef has great drop-offs, that host a great variety of marine life, and is a very important area for Great Sea Turtles, as they lay their eggs there several times a year. The reserve of Wasini Island is ideal for a day trip, leaving from Diani or Shimoni. New dive sites are explored all the time and this is why Kenya is so exciting when it comes to scuba diving: you can explore stunning coral gardens from the shore, go on a day trip to beautiful islands and dive unspoilt new dive sites.

Kenya has many facilities for divers, such as dive shops, scuba courses and dive resorts. Diving in Kenya is good all year round, though the visibility gets low during July and August due to silting and high seas. The weather is generally warm and sunny in Kenya and water temperatures ensure great diving conditions.