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by Scubacrowd

If you love to dive, Italy is the perfect destination. This country has literally jewelry in its waters, and it is well known as the “continental boot.”

Diving in Italy 

You can discover here a true Mediterranean paradise when you decide to dive in Italy. This country offers you excellent creeks, calm beaches and rocky islands with an amazing view, the most unique in all the world.

Portofino is a famous village, very calm compared with other places in the Italian Rivera, here you can find the Portofino National Marine Reserve, with a seabed and with rocky structures, which is a wonder.

Between Portofino and Camogli you can see the Christ of the abyss, a bronze sculpture submarine that commemorates the first diver dead, the Italian Dario Gonzatti. In the Tremiti Island, which is in the middle of the Blue Sea Adriatic, there is 23 underwater sanctuaries. Ustica, is a volcanic island located to the north of Sicilia, it shows flora and fauna underwater richness. Cerdena is a gem of beauty and is a quiet place as well, here you can dive in caves, they are the best of the world.

You will have the chance to see the most interesting “pearls,” this is an excellent opportunity to dive, have underwater photography, etc. These beaches are Sicilia, Cerdena, Elba, Ponza and Ventotene.

Diving Sites

Starting for the wonderful Sicilia, you can find an amazing island “puzzle” like Palermo, Siracusa, Taormina, Lampedusa, Pantelleria and the islands of Ustica.

Its water is splendidly clear, and permits to see the contrast between the dark volcanic rocks and the colorful basalt stones beautifully decorated with huge gorgonian.

You can enjoy as well the wrecks from the Old Rome or the two world wars, especially the second one. In Sicilia you can enjoy of a very “cultural immersion.”

In “Aci Trezza” you can find spectacular lava rocks to dive, they are called “Cyclopes Stones.”

The “Isole Pontine” is an archipelago where are located the islands of Ponza and Ventotene. You can enjoy there of waters no very deep and beautiful red corals.

Also, you can find caves in all the sizes. In this wonderful place there is all kind of mollusks, big crabs, puffer fish, lion, grouper, sea bass and a lot of other species.

In the Tuscan Archipelago, you can find the Elba Island, it is the biggest from this archipelago.

You can travel today to the lovely and heavenly Cerdena. You will see light in the crystal water, you can even see more than 30 meters, and enjoy the amazing view of the kelp forests of all kinds of colors that “wobble" to the rhythm of the tide.

One of the best places and the most famous in all the world to dive is a zone called “Secca del Papa”. It is qualified as a natural reserve for the Italian authorities, because the variety of marine species, among there is all kind of fish’s species in all their forms, sizes, and amazing colors, they usually go to the “Cadena del Ancla.” 

Marine Life Diversity

You can find spectacular walls around the ones there is so many variety of species, totally transparent that let you see perfectly their skeletons and their internal organs. Other kind of fishes are bright silver fish background with beautiful horizontal stripes and / or vertical singular colors.

The mollusks show proudly a big series of strange of multicolor forms. The impressive gorgonians impress the divers in the "Punta di Fetovaia".

In the middle of the “underwater dance” the amazing jellyfish swim quietly, as well as the small octopus and a great variety of fishes, the ones are so difficult describe because there is no words to describe such amazing animals.

The no very friendly turtles “Caretta- Caretta” don’t run away when they see divers close to them. Normally they are alone, or sometimes they are in pair especially when they are in mating seasons.

There are so many interesting barracudas and groupers. But, the most wonderful of all, is that you can dive in company of many inoffensive sharks.

There is a few records about attacks from sharks here, and if there is one, it is because they are in big groups or so. The secret to be safe is not to intend to be too close to them, because this action can make them feel attacked or persecuted.

The “cherry dessert” of this amazing place is formed by dolphins that are passing by, although sometimes they like to be with the divers as well for some minutes before live.

Near to the zone called "Secca del Papa" there are a great number of pinnacles covered several gorgonian stunning hues of yellow. Huge groupers lurk these pinnacles and are they like to play with each other quietly without running away from the divers. These groupers are the truly starfishes from this wonderful water.

The animals that share this amazing water are as ell the sea ​​bass, the octopus, the colorful nudibranchs, and more. The divers that see carefully through the cracks and underneath the rocks can find a great variety of crabs in all the colors and sizes.

This place is really a paradise, where you can enjoy a great view of the red and yellow sea fans surrounded by all that vast range of marine life to which we have referred.

Good Visibility

In the end in all the Italian islands the water are very crystal that so many divers don’t even realize that they are very deep inside the water. The sun light helps a lot as well to see the water very crystal.

The stipend visibility of these waters let to see through the water more than 30 or 40 meters of distance, you can see shoals of small fishes, among them are the smallest ones from all the world, they are not bigger than one centimeter.

Also it is usual to find so many fishes species “Offshore” and some of them live on the banks. Some of the marine biologists say that this phenomenon is because they get lost because the light deep and the crystal waters, so sometimes they don’t know where they should be or go.