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The Togian Islands are an archipelago of six main and about 60 smaller islands. The Togian Islands were declared a National Park in 2004. Almost completely surrounded by the protective arms of central and north Sulawesi, Tomini Bay is reputedly the calmest deep water bay in the world.

Diving is excellent at coral walls, with high visibility and great biodiversity. In general, the Togians are a rather undeveloped part of Indonesia, which makes diving an even better and adventurous experience. Peaceful tranquility, clean sandy beaches, sparkling seas, blue skies and no crowds make the Togians a picture perfect paradise.

Apart from great reef formations, the Togian Islands are just as Lembeh and Maluku a great spot for muck diving. You can also find shipwrecks and plane wrecks from World War II around Togian. Una-Una with its great coral and sponge formations, reefs teeming with fish, excitement and plenty of deep water action is definitely worth a visit. Also try JahirMutiaraFukuy