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by Scubacrowd

Flores, Portuguese for “Flowers" is known for its wild and natural beauty. Kelimutu, the island’s famous Volcano, containing three crater lakes, is visited by several tourists every year. Anyway, Flores still is a more or less underdeveloped paradise.

It also has a growing Eco-tourism industry, where you can visit traditional villages, stay with local families and join in Eco-friendly activities such as bird watching, trekking and participate in dances.
Plus, the famous whale shark inhabits the waters around the island, making it worth a trip for every diver.

The coral reefs of Flores Sea are amongst the oldest in the world and are in pristine condition. Brightly colored fishes are waiting for divers, underwater photographers and for anyone with an interest in marine biology. International experts have already acknowledged Flores as amongst the best dive sites in the world.
Sadly in some parts, coral reefs have already been destroyed by dynamite fishing. The dive site Wai Terang , is a Japanese World War II freighter, which is now overgrown by colorful coral and sponges. Other dive sites around the area include: ReruwairereMakeriwoPertamina