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by Scubacrowd

Diving in Indonesia is the most complete and exciting activity in the world without any doubt. It is a great and elegant archipelago that has more than 17,500 tropical islands. These islands take over great part of the well-known “Coral triangle,” which is the great center of the marine biodiversity in the world. Plus, Indonesia has a big record of more of the 20% of all the coral reefs in the entire world. In its waters live more than 3,000 fish species and more than 600 coral species. It has big gardens loaded with corals of all kinds. That multicolored underwater landscape is truly dazzling.

The amazing experience of diving in Indonesia

We are not exaggerating when we affirm that this amazing archipelago is a "must visit" place, at least once in life for all the divers in the world. This country has a big extension of coasts in all the world, so it has everything you want to see.

Indonesia is the biggest state archipelago in the entire world with 17,500 islands approximately. It is located between two continents and two oceans (the Indian Ocean and the Pacific). Indonesia is rich in culture and has the most impressive coral reefs that has more than 3,000 fish species and because the distinctive topography and great extension, diving destinations vary significantly in terms of marine life, sea conditions and visibility.

The waters around the Indonesian archipelago receive abundant sun light allowing a rapid growth of the coral reefs in shallow, this offer a comfortable place for the plethora of fish waters. The collision of the three layers of the earth's crust creates beautiful forms, from shallow to deep offshore basins.

The sea Banda, Komodo, the famous Bali, Raja Ampat and Sulawesi offer you the possibility to dive in a truly “paradise in the earth”. The visibility of 28 meters is unsurpassable. Their water temperature is between 26 and 27°C during the year.

Diving in the paradise of Bali Island

One of the most famous diving paradises in Indonesia is Bali. It is a small island, with very friendly people and amazing rice fields, a great culture, history, and above all, the fascinating and exciting dive opportunities to dive. And there is as well the Sulawesi island and so many islets around of this one like Wakatobi, Selayar or Togian Islands, they give you the sensation to been diving in different continents in once.

In same conditions you can see in their splendor big pelagic as the moon fish, the majestic whale sharks and the always adorable dolphins. A multitude of reef sharks, splendid toad fish and scorpion fish spectacular also conspicuous because their size. There are not enough words to describe the Bali, just to say that the view has a very impressive submarine landscape with colorful, richness and a lot of marine life variety.

Its coral reefs are indescribable hostel for tiny and strange sea creatures, large pelagic huge sunfish, a variety of nudibranchs, which is a true "explosion of color", mimic octopus and whale sharks. To the southeast of Bali you can find “Nusa Penida” that is a small and paradisiac island, its water are home for the moon fish, which go to the surface so many time offering a great spectacle. And as if that were not enough, over their lives the great protagonist of these waters: the giant mole, which shares its habitat with amazing reef fish like Moorish idols and anthias. Another amazing diving site in Nusa Penida is “Manta Point” where there is a lot of manta rays of all sizes and colors, offering a magnificent underwater scenery. These mants go there to practice a "Slaughter room" with the wrasses, the release of parasites

Another wonderful diving site in Bali is the “Blue corner,” where you can find the moon fish fighting with the strong and exciting currents, which attracts majestic ray banks, barracudas, reef sharks, dolphins and great sea serpent. Diving in Bali you can find also the clown fish, sweet lips fish and the "phonies" and lovely octopus imitators.

Muck diving in Lembeh Strait

One of the best of the thousands of islands in Indonesia is “Lembeh” that form a channel of 12 kilometers with “Sulawesi”. In this channel you can find over 50 diving sites and it is the best scenery for the muck diving in the world.

In these spectacular waters swim the devil fish, the strangest fish furry toad, frog fish, ghost delicate fish, marlin and the “horrifying” fish rat. You can enjoy as well the wonderful hypnotic sepia, the beautiful blue-ringed octopus, the tiny and always charming pygmy seahorses, the colorful and “celestial” nudibranchs, the strange and flamboyant unsurpassed mimic octopus.

Diving in the Lembeh Strait you will enjoy a truly “party” with seductive dragons who plan on deploying its strange background flaps and marine borers with his big snout. There is as well the leaf scorpion fish (with which you must be careful), the beautiful mandarin fish in pairs, decorated balloon fish (that look like they have been decorated by an artist), the amazing porcelain crabs and the beautiful snowflake eels.

In Lembeh is located the dive site “Police Pier” which is famous for the night diving, through the divers can find a captivating panorama "spooky" for its dark backgrounds in which dwells the fearful ratfish (which looks like a zombie).

However, this “Bleak picture” is “pleased” with the pleasant presence of mime octopus, cuttlefish, lionfish, scorpion fish and the odd Banggai cardinal, which is found among thousands. The rare sea crabs and spiders abound in all shapes and colors.

It's not all about the dragons in Komodo Island

The Komodo Island has one of the richest marine bottoms in the world. It was declared World Heritage Site in 1991 by UNESCO.

In its crystal waters, stay the pelagic splendid and many of the rarest species of ocean fish like Harlequin the mime octopus, shrimp or coral zebra, the biggest toad fish in the world and the strange little bamboo shark.

Also you can find boxer crabs, porcelain crabs, spotted rays and many species inhabit more than one of the most spectacular coral gardens in the world. You can find as well in the Komodo waters all the invertebrates of the most bizarre colors, the Hawksbill turtles, large shoals of grouper, tuna and riflemen, and unusual rinopias living on a background decorated by beautiful apples sea.