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Marseille is one of the favorite places for scuba diving fans. The Mediterranean climate, temperature, and warm waters allow you to enjoy a unique point of diving in France and in Europe. This destination is prized for its historical context and breathtaking landscapes, making it a destination of choice. Put on your scuba mask and dive into an amazing place surrounded by pure crystalline water!

Marseille is a city in the south-east of France in the Mediterranean. It was founded around 600 BC by Greek sailors originating from Phocaea in Asia Minor and it still kept the name of "Southern City".

Marseille is a cosmopolitan and lively city that attracts a lot of tourists around the world. A town of art and history, it develops its economic and cultural dynamism, now booming. Tourism and recreation is a key driver of the economy of Marseilles.

The city has many advantages: the sea, the sun, nature and culture. Accessibility and friendly locals are strong values that Marseille is proud to represent.

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