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Biarritz is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in divers on the Atlantic coast and is very famous for its surf spots. When scuba diving in Biarritz, you will enjoy a great variety of spots from walls to shipwrecks, full of fish and stunning marine life.

Because of its position as an amphitheater overlooking the ocean, Biarritz is open to sea breezes. The winters are mild and the summer heat is bearable. The favorable climate has earned it the title of hydrothermal and resort since 1912. The wind regime is dominated by a triple effect: the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and plan local breezes. Marine winds, dominant, bring moisture and cool in the summer and softness in winter. From the south, warm winds are generated by a foehn effect. Indeed, the air coming from Spain loses moisture crossing the Pyrenees and warms up while losing altitude.

In winter, the city is often subjected to high precipitation compared to the rest of the country temperatures. The average winter temperature is around 8 ° C and is close to 20 ° C in summer. The rain on the Basque coast is rarely persistent, except during winter storms. It often takes the form of intense thunderstorms and is pretty brief. Its location makes it be one of the most wanted site to dive in Europe. The Mediterranean offers a palette of landscapes colored by reefs lagoon and fishes .

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