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 Information on Corsica’s Ajaccio

The spectacular Corsica Island, located in the Mediterranean, is literally a mountain in the sea. Diving in Ajaccio is one of the most prominent attractions of this historic island.  Its location on the Tyrrhenian Sea makes possible the diving in Ajaccio all the year around. From Revellata to Calvi, the island is full of diving attractions, where you can find shipwrecks and marine reserves with abundant biodiversity. The absence of commercial fishing and pollution makes the island a truly paradise for the divers in all levels.

Located west of Italy and south of France, Corsica is considered French even it has its own culture and some independent rules, unlike other regions of France. The island is considerably large and it offers good temperatures all the year with a Mediterranean wheater.  It’s clear and warm waters makes of this a very popular destiny, thus you should make your reservations early. Ajaccio is located in the south of Corsica, in the Mediterranean Sea, as we said before. It is one of the most favorable sites for the diving practice, among the other sites and places in Corsica.

Top dive spots in Ajaccio

You must see the Lavezzi Marine Reserve, and the wreck US B17m, a freighter that had become in a moray eels colony. Alcione C is other wreck of an Italian ship that is 34 meters deep inside. The waters surrounding many of the beaches of Ajaccio, hide some of the most famous and most important treasured submarines in the world. The Gulf of Ajaccio has abyssal depths of over a mile. Both expert divers as the beginners tend to dive to 30 or 40 meters, so they can appreciate beautiful and huge gorgonians harboring a dense and diverse fauna. In the well-known Plateau Tabernacle, further includes the Bloody Island, is possible to dive 20 meters deep to find the most splendid Mediterranean pelagic.

The lucky divers can interact quietly with these creatures. Further, is frequent to see large groupers and lobsters, and other crustaceans that found refuge in the numerous cracks that are in these seabeds. The underwater fauna and flora of Ajaccio are spectaculars literally.  The spirograph, gorgonians and urchins adorn these beautiful submarine areas. There is a very particular diving site called for some people “Scudo,” which is located a one mile of the Ajaccio coast. Its deepness is between the 22 and 60 meters. Its bottom is sandy and has an enormous submarine rock, around which you can find all kinds of fish, crustaceans, mollusks and others. Other interesting diving site of these waters is the one called “Meiros Valley”. Its depth varies between 25 and 45 meters.

It has some quirky hollows (in a natural “pocket” way), where are hidden some animal species. There are other diving sites very attractive for the divers from Europe and all the world, and they are St. Lucia, Grand Sec, S'Isula and Blue. At about 400 meters north of the well-known Isolella Peak, there is other important diving site, which by the way is called “The south entrance of the Gulf of Ajaccio.”

The strange and wonderful

There, the divers will find a very strange and particular phenomenon, because it is possible to obtain natural air bags arranged in galleries. At the other side of the ski station there is a vertical drop descending to 40 meters.  This is a specific point where the marine life is truly splendid, so the divers can enjoy of the presence of dozens of grouper, the goldfish, sea bream fish, croaker and the mustéle, among many others. The list would be truly endless.

Now, at the Isolella northwest of the Isolella peninsula, at the south of Ajaccio and Porticcio (to 12 minutes by boat) we have other diving site very attractive.  This point is exposed to winds and ocean currents coming from the south and from the Southwestern. Their visibility is between 20 and 30 meters. During the diving, the divers can appreciate the dentex fish, barracudas, gilt-head bream and the gorgonian.  And talking in general terms about the diving in Ajaccio we can tell that from the point of view of the marine flora, we have the Posidonia, which is found mostly in all dives.

The beautiful red gorgonian are other profuse characters of these waters. These gorgonian, visually together with the Posidonia, the wrecks and the crystal clear waters of various colors and shades, makes the diving in Ajaccio a very similar experience as the diving in the Caribbean.  In general terms, we can say that the visibility in the waters of Ajaccio is excellent, and is considered one of the best of all Europe.

The streams (when present) are moderately soft. During the navigation to the diving sites before mentioned, is possible to enjoy a beautiful dolphin show on the surface of water or spectacular jumps on the sea.

There are different types of seabeds. On one hand, the typical Mediterranean background with porous rocks covered with colored algae, on which move peacefully and placidly the essential and lovely moray eels. The pen shells are very common in this kind of seabed.  And, on the other hand, we have the mountains submerged in water, where it is possible to see the corvine, the small sargos, the always present moray eels and the marine castanets.