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Wonders of Hurghada 

Diving in Hurghada is well-known all over the world, especially around the wrecks. However, also is possible to find spectacular and healthy coral reefs. Hurghada is a population located in the entrance of the Gulf of Suez. And it is located 65 kilometers southwest of the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula near Sharm El Sheikh. It is the second diving destiny of the Red Sea, because the attractive of the diving practice are different and varied. It is really a paradise that hardly bears comparison to other locations in the Red Sea. In the narrow you can find wrecks of great importance and well-known from the historical point of view. The Carnatic, the Salem Express and the Giannis D, are the most prominent, if not the only.

These waters are not just wanted by the famous shipwrecks. In all the Red Sea you can see the corals garden with a singular beauty and impressive population. About the sea fauna we can see the lucky divers finding pelagic like whitetip sharks, sea turtles, funny and playful dolphins and lots of beautiful tropical fish. All this “symphony of life” is developed in vicinity of vertical walls, crowded with splendid gorgonian.

Best diving areas for professionals

Let us see which areas of diving in Hurghada are most wanted by the professionals worldwide.

  • Abu Nuhas Reef. It is considered a wreck cemetery. In Shadwan channel there is a precious reef, which attracts all the craft into the seabed.

Divers from all over the world can enjoy the exuberant sea life around about seven cargo ships that found their final destination at the bottom of these waters. Hard and soft corals, huge numbers and different variety of fish’s colors and style, such as Napoleon Wrasse, the anthias, batfish and the strangest stonefish, delight the astonished divers.

As if that’s not enough, you can marvel with the beautiful angelfish, emperor fish, nudibranchs, dolphins, turtles and octopus.

  • Salem Express wreck. It is one of the greatest maritime tragedies of the Red Sea, this vessel killed 470 people in 1991.

The tens of thousands, who dived around this wreck, usually get impressed by the strange sense of mystery perceived in this wreck. Interestingly the marine life has not “taken over” the remains of this vessel. Only sporadic occurrences of toad fish, clown fish and angelfish denote some presence of marine life.

  • An older wreck as above, is the Rosalie Moller.

This huge freighter transported coal in 1940, during World War II when it was bombed by German aircraft and sent to the bottom of the Red Sea. It is easy to go by professional divers because it is 50 meters depth. The 110 meters long, are the delight of the lucky divers who can dive and swim easily.

  • Other interesting wreck is Ulysses, which is resting over 100 years on the seabed. It is located in Bluff Point, which is one of the most beautiful reef of the Red Sea.

The remains of this vessel have been colonized by hard and soft corals, trumpet fish, lion fish, frog fish, turtles, dolphins and huge schools of fish of the most beautiful species.

  • The reef Shaab El Erg is five miles long. Its main attraction is constituted by the delightful presence of resident bottlenose dolphins.

It has seven specific diving sites from is possible to dive and enjoy of the precious and healthy corals garden. An occasional reef shark, the mobula, turtles and fish the famous banner of the Red Sea make the experience delightful for the divers.

  • Bluff Point. This site has a great advantage to be frequented to dive in less deepness. The underwater biodiversity is majestic.

Because the shallow dives is usually amazing to enjoy the underwater spectacle.  Nudibranchs, huge moray eels, turtles, lionfish and stonefish, adorn these spectacular waters with the greatest.

  • Charles Reef. It is a reef that have nutrients in its waters, making easy to grow the sea life.

Soft and hard corals are very healthy and it is home to sharks, dolphins, schools of tuna and two gorgeous moray eels, which often approach divers to inspect them.

  • Panorama Reef. It is a great reef that has a quite steep walls with healthy corals.

Manta Rays, grey sharks, whitetip sharks and hammerhead sharks, share this wonderful scene with a huge variety of small marine life.


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