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Most amazing dive sites in Hamata

There are so many splendid sites to dive in Hamata. The quantity and variety is amazing and will surprise you. Let’s start with Fury Shoal, which is a large enclave of reefs that live and grow on top of a shallow platform, located about 13 kilometers (inside the sea) north of Ras Banas. It is a truly marine life “party.” Tientsin is an impressive coral embedded in Abu Galawa, where there are so many species that we are going to mention later. In the Sha’ab Claudio and Sha’ab Manksur caves will be possible see sharks and pelagic sometimes. Sataya is other site ideal for the night dives.

The majestic walls are virtually untouched and largely unexplored by man in Shoal Furia and Erg Abu Diab. It is truly a Jewry waiting to be discovered in detail. For this reason, there are so many spectacular soft and hard corals colonies.

Some of the best sea life in Egypt

With some luck the divers can see so many sharks’ species, among them hammerheads. Sha’ab Said the depths of its waters range from one to forty meters. The principal reef of this site is divided by a peculiar canyon, where there are so many divers enjoying of the amazing garden of soft and hard corals. It is a fairly steep reef full of sea life. In the surface of the waters is possible to see huge schools of fishes in the most varied species and the most beautiful and always admired sea turtles. But you need to be careful with the white tip sharks. Sha’ab Haman. In this site, the reef is also divided by a canyon, which has an impressive corals garden. There is an arc through is possible to dive, it is one of the most attractive things admired in this place.

The beautiful black corals are visible on both sides of the canyon. From the east side of the barrier is possible to descend 40 meters depth, through which we can find barracudas and the before mentioned white tip sharks. Habili B. This site is also well-known as the “Anemone City” or “Sama” (it means “heaven”). This reef moves from east to west. The east side is divided by a small canyon, where you can enjoy the presence of anemones (for amounts) and clownfish.

In the west side the divers can find a great quantity of coral block at a depth ranging between one and 22 meters. The soft corals and the gorgonian are beautiful and among them we can see swimming placidly hawk fish with an unmatched beauty.

Tips for diving professionals

Sha’ab Boar Soraya is a very suitable place for professional divers and why not the beginners as well, who are going to be guided by professionals. Everyone can descend to a depth of 24 meters. There are small reefs, moving offshore boat for 50 minutes. To one side of the reef flat, we have a lot of cracks and crevices where small fishes are sheltering (including the clown fish) and the white sharks.  In Sha’ab Boah Kebir the reef in this site is huge, so you will need a lot of diving over here to get to know the reef. The depth can reach 25 meters.

In the east side it is possible to find so many pinnacles, which protrudes slightly from the surface of the water. All these pinnacles are formed by soft corals. There is a beautiful coral garden that you must see. In the west side of the reef you can find small cracks that serve as shelter for barracudas. Abound small blocks of coral, where are swimming white sharks and sting rays.

Abu Galawa Soraya: depth of this enclave reaches 25 meters. This reef is divided into 4 parts. In these waters you can find a sailing boat of the United States which lies about 18 meters.

Abu Kebir Galawa: Expert divers can find a Chinese flag ship, which succumbed in these waters on October 26, 1946. This wreck is 34 meters long, with a coating of coral which is considered one of the most splendid of the Red Sea. In the reef there is a huge and spectacular cave where live the swordfish, reef sharks and the exquisite Napoleon fishes. It is an ideal place for underwater photography. Other good sites to dive in Hamata are Sha’ab Claudio, Cha’ab Gannah, Sha’ab Ini, Sha’ab Malahi,  Sha’ab  Sataya  and Gotha Abu Diab.