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by Scubacrowd

Diving in Dahab is famous in all the world, because the spectacular and indescribable Blue Hole. In Dahab the coral reefs slope gently down. The impressive coral gardens are shallow, so it makes easier to dive for the beginner divers.

What you would expect to see

There are more than 50 diving centers to choose according to your needs and what you want. Most of the dive sites are very accessible for divers so they can learn and practice this amazing sport. The quantity and variety of fish’s species, pelagic, large predators, mollusks, crustaceans, and others living in the waters of Dahab are really impressive. The masked butterfly fish is one of them, it is so beautiful and you can see them as partners and schools as well.

The Picasso triggerfish is other “jewelry” of this Egyptian sea resort. It is incredible beautiful and it is similar to one picture of the famous painter Picasso. These animals are not friendly with cameras, so hide themselves from the underwater photographers. Other splendid fish is the Red sea Flasher Napoleon, which is not well-known and sighted as because it is somewhat shy in the presence of divers, they look like a fireworks blast.

We can see in this part of the Red Sea the marlin, they live in the profound of the sea, they look like they have a combination of brown and beige colors in their skin. But in front of the lights of the underwater cameras their colors are more brilliant, presenting a very particular show. The Anemonefish of the Red Sea that are mostly in the Dahab waters are wrongly called clownfish. It is important to know that they are very different, plus the clownfish lives in Asia-Pacific seas. Other beautiful species are Dottyback of Springer, the Spanish Triplefin, it is select specie from the Red Sea and it is not easy to find. Their size usually does not exceed the 2.5 cm, even so it is a precious specie. Further all the described wonders, we can find in Dahab a fantastic variety of reef fish, which live in the Red Sea, we can find as well pelagic fish such as the barracudas and catfishes. The turtles are friendly in this part of the Egyptian Red Sea.

Sharks in Dahab

Regarding the sharks, we can say they are so rich in number and variety of species. For these reasons the Sea Red is considered (in general terms) as a place somehow dangerous to dive. However, they are seen once in a while, so expert and beginner divers can feel safe. Regarding the corals of these waters, we can say (without exaggeration) they are the most beautiful from the Red Sea, but sadly they are not in their best in some zones, it is because the massive and unwise diving. In protected areas such as Ras Mumlach and Ras Abu Galum is possible to find spectacular and vibrant colonies of hard and soft corals.

The Blue Hole of Dahab

As we said in the beginning what really makes famous diving in Dahab is the Blue Hole, It is 70 meters wide. You may encounter a large coral reef when you descend for 80 meters.  In addition, the Blue Hole has a sort of arch that goes from the inferior part to the open sea. This “Blue Hole Arch” is really attractive for the professional divers from the entire world to get to Dahab. It is really important to take in mind that this heavenly hole is not suitable for beginner divers. Even so, many beginner divers from all over the world take risks and go anyways. For this reason the number of deaths at year is big.

Another fantastic diving site in Dahab is the one called “Canyon.” It is a kind of submarine tube that moves downwards by 30 meters. Likewise the Blue Hole, this submarine tunnel is suitable just for expert divers. However, it is full of divers of all levels, making difficult the diving for professionals. Other outstanding diving sites in this coastal site in Egypt are the Eel Garden and the Lighthouse Reef. A particular thing of Dahab is that there is no wreck resting in the seabeds of its waters. 


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