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To enjoy diving in Cyprus you need to go to the famous and well known east coast, also, it is a kind of a natural refuge for the diving activity. Its rock formations are ideal for diving and scenic same scan.


The most important and famous side of diving in Cyprus is the sinking of the Zenobia ferry next to Lanarca. Zenobia is one of the best shipwrecked dives of the world. You will need to dive more than once to appreciate its immensity. Cyprus is excellent for beginners, most of the diving sides are just some minutes away in boat and there is so many diving sides very close to the coast.

The strangest coral reefs and the marine life of the Mediterranean are in the coasts of Cyprus. It has the most amazing view, especially in the “Ayia Napa” and in the “Protaras lines.”

Good Visibility

When you dive you can find “face to face” so many friendly turtles, striped and brown. And even the temperature changes frequently during all the year, the view ranges between 10 and 15 meters.

Actually, in some seasons of the year, the visibility increases to a very surprising range of 30 or 40 meters. To dive in those conditions makes your experience unique and wonderful.

Dive Sites

Between “Ayia Napa” and “Protaras” is located the perfect sites for beginner divers. In “Manta Ebay” are the most beautiful and colorful waters at a depth of eight or even ten meters, here the beginners and the expert divers comes and feed a great variety of fishes.

Species Diversity

You can observe the green turtle and the loggerhead turtle, the bluefin tuna, the frigate tuna and the little tunny on the coast of Cyprus. The "Eratosthenes Seamount," is placed on the South Coast and is raised to 800 meters from the ocean bed, without protrude from the surface of the sea.

There is very strange species of corals, whales, common dolphins, cachalots, bottlenose dolphins and other species. The Cyprus beaches are the favorite place to put their eggs in for the different species of turtles.

So many of the species are hidden in the sand and the reefs, they live inside the thermoclines. Now, from the Chanel of Suez opening, the Mediterranean Oriental, located in the Cyprus Island, was colonized for so many species from the Sea Red and the Indigo Ocean.

In “Cyclops Ebay” you can find a big wall and beautiful coral reefs, where some species of octopus live in. It is possible to dive at a depth of 30 meters.

Caves and Shipwreck

The underwater caves are very common in the Cyprus waters. The tunnels and cantilevers provide an excellent opportunity to dive with the amazing company of turtles, octopus and many exotic fish.

In “The canon” you can watch the rays swimming amongst beautiful rock formations. The vast wreck of the ship “Zenobia,” which sank on its maiden voyage, has the biggest variety of life marine. The diving is recommended by qualified divers.

The shipwreck of “The freedom,” is available for expert divers as well, and it became a natural reserve for so many varieties of fishes, so it is fully constrained the access for ships.

The divers’ expeditions should embark on light boats and smaller. All the marine life that we mentioned before are the most popular sites to dive in the Cyprus coasts, it is “miscellany” of thousands of forms and colors.

To less deep of the water you can find the meadows of “Poseidon,” in swimming groupers, wrasses and other species of singular beauty.

In the rocky reefs, you can watch starfish, fan worms, rays, parrot fish and a great variety of sea urchins equipped with the most beautiful colors.

When the divers see very careful it is possible to see big sponges with amazing colors and forms, you will get very surprised. The rocky reefs are covered for these amazing colorful sponges.

When you get to dive into “Akamas” and “Lara,” it is possible to see beautiful and friendly green turtles, one of the species protected by the Cypriot authorities. In the zone normally you find ceramic pieces and other antique devices inside the sea.

These antiquities and the sponges that are inside the sea are water that is not for drinking. It is totally forbidden.

Good Diving Conditions

Concerning the conditions of the diving activity, you can find that more than 300 days of the year which are warm and nice. Also, the temperature of the water can change between 15 or 29 centigrade.

In Protaras, that is located on the East Coast of the island, the water temperature can rise to 29 Centigrade, during any season of the year, so it is recommended to dive with wet suits, although it is not really needed.

In the amazing and enjoyable waters, quiet and colorful, especially with a turquoise color that Cyprus offers you, you can find so many sites diving, which are the most popular of the Mediterranean.

Inside the water of this gorgeous island, you will not encounter any strong waves or dangerous undercurrents. On the other hand, any sharks attacks or any other marine species attacks occured in this area. 

The Best Diving Sites in Cyprus

If you are looking for the best diving sites in Cyprus, you will find them around the area of the “Ayia Napa-Protaras,” “Pathos,” “Larnaca” and the “Limassol”.

In the rugged peninsula “Akamas” you will find the most pristine waters and best sites for the diving activity, to swim, to take underwater photos, and much more.

In summary, you can conclude that Cyprus island offers you amazing conditions for the diving activity for all its shipwrecks but mainly thanks to the great variety of marine life. The green turtle is one of the wonders more important in the Cyprus Island, this is the place everybody should visit.