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by Scubacrowd

Travel to Costa Rica in order to dive in Herradura is worthy because the amount of underwater wonders that the divers can find in this heavenly place. Herradura is located in the Pacific and it is an ideal place for diving enthusiasts to enjoy their vacations. It is a touristic place but not very populated as San Jose, which is near to Herradura. There are so many types of activities that will keep you bussy and relaxed in the wonderful beaches around.

Top dive Spots in Herradura

Herradura is an incredible place for divers, doesn’t matter if they are beginners or professionals. The two principal options are: one travel in one day to the Turtle Island or to dive in Herradura Bay. Middle Reef is perfect for beginners and all the diving places are good to take underwater photos. The underwater landscape is characterized by the rocks formation because this is a volcanic zone. The variety of sea life is very diverse. For example, there are soft corals, sea stars, and seahorses.  The variety of fishes, corals and soft invertebrates, are attracted by the abundance of plankton in almost all Costa Rican Pacific waters, specifically in Herradura.

Best Seasons to dive in Herradura

There are two options to visit this diving place. In the rain season the visibility is low and in dry season the wind is usually strong, it makes difficult to get transportation to go to the diving sites. However, if you get to some of these points (in dry season) it will be possible to find a wonderful visibility. In these conditions you could appreciate the richest quantity of sea life and a great variety in any site of the Costa Rican Caribbean.

Fish to see while diving in Herradura  

In Herradura it is possible to see snappers, morays by quantity, parrot fish, eagle rays, the spectacular angelfish, catfish, octopus and more. Divers can enjoy as well seeing the sharks, schools of grunts, hogfish and the always beautiful, elegant and sensual giant manta rays. It's overwhelming, moreover, to observe large groups of these giant rays that seem to “fly in the water.” And it could not miss one of the “stars of the oceans”: the turtle.

There are so many species of turtles, which you can enjoy in Herradura, but in general terms, we can say that is possible to see them mating on the beach, then go deep in the sea. In general terms we can see that there are so many options to dive in Herradura such as Herradura Bay or Turtle Island. In both places you can find a great opportunity to dive and have a great experience.

Best Dives in the Herraura bay

In Herradura Bay we have five diving sites where the depth ranges from 12 to 18 meters and visibility ranges from 10 to 30 meters in the dry season, which runs from December to April. To get this five diving sites you just need to go 10 minutes by boat from the coast of Herradura. The zone is characterized as a volcanic place that has splendid rocky formations providing a spectacular marine landscape. It is possible to see a variety of soft and hard corals located in the waters where sharks, eels and always beautiful and striking seahorses are swimming. Also, octopuses (occasionally), starfish, nudibranchs, lobsters of various sizes (one species is enormous), and a big number and different variety of fishes in all their forms and colors. One of the most wonderful experiences that brings to dive in Herradura is the possibility that it gives you to see dolphins, whales and manta rays in the dives conducted between January and September. For the beginner divers the site is denominated Middle Reef, which is ideal for them.

Facts you should know about Herradura

Expert divers can move to a site called The Garden, where they need to be careful with sharks. This site is a truly “earth paradise” because it is a garden literally, in a sunny day you can enjoy of the most spectacular landscape of Southeast Asia. However, a lot of people think that “La Isla” is much better because the sharks and the giant mants frequent these waters most of the year. In this site you must have the same precautions with sharks. You can arrive to Herradura in just one hour from San Jose, Costa Rica. We mentioned before of the diving options in Herradura, traveling to Turtle Island.  It is just 50 minutes by boat from the Herradura coast and normally it is in all the touristic programs and aquatic sports in Herradura. The Turtle Island is famous in the touristic matter because the beautiful beaches with withe sands and turquoise waters during certain times of the year. It is possible dive between 30 and 70 feet, the visibility is between 20 and 50 feet, depending the season of the year. The temperature of the waters is warm and nice, 26°F. In the middle of this amazing scenery it is possible to find beautiful creatures, because the great quantity of nutrients in these waters.

Between the months of December and May the spectacle is really “amazing” with a great visibility: Large groups of giant manta rays come to these waters to feed themselves and to be cleaned by the reef fishes. On other hand we have the rocky formation that has soft corals and some hard corals as well. Here are moving elegantly and quietly the sharks white tip reef, which can be observed resting in their burrows during the day. Other underwater wonders that can be found by the lucky divers in Turtle Island are lobsters, eels, octopus, seahorses, starfish, nudibranchs and stingrays. Other wonderful spectacle that the divers can see huge schools of all kinds of tropical fishes that seems to dance harmoniously like a musician's guide.