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The crystal waters of the Cayman Islands are the best to practice diving because this destiny is one of the most important diving sites in the world, and you can enjoy quality and security as well.

It is an excellent archipelago for expert divers and for those who wants to start this beautiful sport. This archipelago is a British Colony in the Caribbean Sea, this one is composed by three Islands: The Great Cayman, Brac Cayman and Small Cayman. Practicing the diving activity in the Cayman Islands you can discover a variety of a wonderful marine life. In the marine bottom you can see a rock formation, with colorful reefs and fauna, through the crystal waters. The islands are the top part of the giant submarine rock that surface in this three sites. The nature of the islands is mountainous, it is for that the richness of their corals and the rocky walls. There are 40 submarine centers and 360 diving sites to enjoy in the Cayman Island.

The waters that are around three islands are really the peaks of a great undersea mountain range of more than 1,500 meters deep, providing a dive near the beach, in the huge walls and wrecks.

These islands has more than 300 diving sites, from the majority is in the “Great Cayman.” The three islands have an unparalleled quality in its waters, the visibility is of 30 meters and the temperature is about 26°C during all the year.

Diving in the Small Cayman

The Bloody Bay Wall is considered one of the most important diving sites of the world because its giant underwater cliff is near to the coast, and the divers can explore the reef that measure more than 1,800 meters deep. In addition to the diversity of plants and tropical fishes, this magical place has traces of hundreds of ancient ships attracted to the area by pirates or stranded in storms. The Marino Jackson Park is one of the places most visited because its narrow crevices. The common species are the Carey turtles, snappers and barracudas.

Diving in the Brac Cayman

It has only three diving centers, Brac Cayman is very quiet and its reef is a dream. The modern attraction here is the flotsam Captain Keith Tibbett, which is a sunk Russian ship in 1996, and now it is something very important in the marine life.

Diving in the Great Cayman

There you can discover 160 diving sites. The landscape is composed by walls fill o sponges, hundreds of fish shoals and reefs, where you can see barrel sponges, silver shad, rays, barracudas, turtles, angel fish and invertebrate colonies. There is a turtle farm on the island, and it is common to find them.

You will also see eagle ray, barracudas, moray eels and tropical fish like sergeant major, parrotfish, damselfish, grunts, butterfly fish, angel fish and yellowtail snappers. The best place to dive in Grand Cayman Stingray City is only 4 feet deep, but incredibly beautiful.

It is recommended to be aware of the seasons of hurricanes before going to the Great Cayman. The months of strong winds are from July to November.

It has a beautiful and natural shallow sand bank in which parsnips adorable voluntarily meet to amicably arrive to greet divers and one diver to another practicing in these waters.

Diving Sites

The park “Bloody Bay Wall,” one of the sites we talked about already, has big and stimulating walls covered by beautiful sponges and brilliant corals very colorful found in the nature. This park is located in the “Small Cayman,” which is the house of great number of groupers and barracudas. The night diving is practiced frequently, because this the lucky divers can see the octopuses looking for his dinner.

During this night diving you can see precious and brilliant cuttlefish flashing a true “symphony of colors” after that, from time to time, they sighted mating in a real submarine show. In the Cayman Island, in general you can find amazing wrecks, some of them has over 500 years. Also there is a particular wreck that was sunk intentionally in the Brac Cayman.

It is a Russian frigate that was submerged to the bottom of these waters in 1996. It is the only Russian warship in the northern hemisphere.

This is something new for those who don’t know about this wonderful sport, but for the divers in all the world, dream about dive over here because its great water and amazing view.

In other hand and in the same order of ideas, you can see that in 2010 an American submarine ship sunk in purpose to create an artificial reef.

It was a great event and a great spectacle to see how this big ship sunk in these waters. In Cayman exist great opportunities of diving from the technical diving to the diving for kids.

It is maybe one of the unique diving zones in the world, where there is so many immersion programs especially for kids (even kids in ages of five and six), and where they can enjoy of the diving activity from a very young age, so here everyone can enjoy of the paradisiac islands.

Practicing snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, you can find wonderful destinies in the wrecks, which rest in the waters that have so many marine life.

In the “Cheeseburger Reef” you can find vibrant and colorful corals together with fishes and turtles. In the Great Cayman you can find an incredible “Neptune’s Divers,” it has spectacular very blue where the devilfish swim in big groups, offering a very elegant “dance.”

Also you can see the always beautiful turtles from the Caribe, big crabs, huge lobsters, eels and a real variety of colorful tropical fish, swimming in the middle of Coral Fire.

Diving in Grand Cayman

At Grand Cayman you can discover 160 dive spots. The landscape is composed by steep walls full of sponges, corals, thousands of schools of fish and reefs. The reefs make it easy to observe the barrel sponges, silvery tarpon, manta rays, barracudas, turtles, angel-fish and the colonies of invertebrates in detail. 

There is a turtle farm on the island, so turtles are very common while diving in Grand Cayman. It is also possible to see eagle rays, barracudas, stingrays and moray eels, as well as tropical fish such as sergeant majors, parrotfish, damselfish, grunts, butterfly fish, angelfish and yellowtail snappers. The best dive spot of Grand Cayman is Stingray City, only 4 meters deep but of amazing beauty.

It is recommended to gather information about the hurricane seasons before planning a trip to go diving in the Cayman Islands. The windy months are from July to November.