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Cape Verde or Cabo Verde as the inhabitants prefer, is a West African country and an archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean. The country is famed for its touristic activities, which happen to be the country’s main focus and driver of its economy. Diving in Cape Verde is very diverse and there are so many places to jump in.

Historically a colony of Portugal, used as a slave trading center and transatlantic shipping relay, the country’s economic plummeted since its independence since it lacks crucial raw material, natural resources and connection to other countries. It is however the most stable democracy in Africa and one of the top in the world. Along with Tanzania and Kenya, it is one of the best countries to do scuba diving in Africa.

There are only 3 islands of the 10 islands with a mountainous elevation. The main islands are Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau, Sal, >, Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Bravo. Santa Luzia is the only uninhabited island but can be visited from Sao Vicente. Santa Maria and Boa Vista are great places to visit on a diving trip. There are great beaches there and there are many things to do in Santa Maria. If you are interested in a getaway or you have a special penchant for flowers you should definitely head to Brava for a quick visit.

Diving sites to visit: Atlantida, a great reef dive where you will find various marine life including lobsters, eels, yellow-tail snappers. For more advanced divers there is a sandy bottom at 30m where you have a chance to spot nurse sharks. Shark Point, a 22m wall with caverns where you can spot tiger and nurse sharks. It can be done by a stationary dive or by drifting down south. Taliarte Wreck: pretty shallow dive at 10m, ideal for course divers or refeshers. This fishing boat wreck is still impressive and teeming with schools of goat fishes, sea breams, sergeant majors,…