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About diving in Vancouver

For those wishing to go diving in Vancouver, they will find wonderful surprises. The underwater scenery is spectacular and full of abundance. Vancouver is the home of so many and extraordinary diving sites. Divers can find vibrant nudibranchs, lumps jibados from the Pacific and the world's largest octopus. Greenling algae, anemones, giant Pacific octopus and wolf eels are just some of the creatures living in these splendid waters. Besides having some of the best diving in cold water in the world, Vancouver Island offers excellent opportunities for underwater photography and even to interact with many of the species. Spectacular vegetation serves as a shelter for crustaceans, fish, mammals, cephalopods and some birds that literally submerge for food. It maybe sounds a little strange that we are talking about birds. But the common murres usually immerse in the manner of Penguins, leaving divers really surprised for such a great spectacle.

Unique Marine life to Vancouver

The most interesting specie of these waters, according to many experts is the wolf eel. They look like a fish and usually swim in pairs.  If divers are lucky they can meet with a pair of hungry wolf eels, and they can have the wonderful opportunity to feed them by hand. Regarding to the giant Pacific octopus, we may find them often in crevices and under rocks.  You can find a litter of crab shells at the base of the burrows entrance of this marvelous mollusk, to discover their hiding places. Something so incredible about this octopus is that it is not uncommon to observe outdoors sunbathing. Other great creatures that can be seen in the sites where octopus can be found are the anemones, the basket stars, the Californian sea lion and the beautiful and graceful feather stars.

When and where to take a trip in Vancouver

For those seeking a little more adrenaline, they can dive with the aforementioned Californian sea lions and the stellar sea lion, while exploring other creatures. These giant mammals are incredibly elegant under the water, and they can be intimidating because of its size if you didn’t see them before. From November to March is the time when they are found more easily, but you need to be cautious because males tend to be somewhat aggressive at this time. On other hand we have the fishes in a great quantity and variety in the Vancouver waters. The scorpion fish grunt moves using their strange fins. The decorated warbonnet is another strange fish that lives in the waters of Vancouver. Because their peculiar appearance it has a “native touch.” The rockfish can be found in a spectacular variety of forms and colors. The Chinese rockfishes are the favorite of so many divers because the beautiful contrast of their strips yellow and black colors.

The ling cod, sea bass and flounder are swimming in abundance in these waters adorned also by the algae and the painted greenlings. A beautiful spectacle to be enjoyed by divers is presented with the schools of bait fish, which are shining through the sun's rays to gain entry to their habitats. There are schools of herring, anchovies and eulachons.

Important information on diving in Vancouver

In Vancouver is possible also to see the spectacular Whale Orca (a killer whale) in large groups but as a precaution is better to be not very close. The general opinion about the diving world is that these beautiful and majestic creatures don’t attack humans. However is better to be prepare and not be too close to them.  These splendid predators can measure up to nine feet long, and they can weigh up to six tons. It is better to see them far away, so you can appreciate them better. Diving in Vancouver Island is the best opportunity to practice this sport in the best waters in the world.

 The Pacific Northwest is generally a true paradise brimming with marine life.  In Nanaimo BC, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience if you want is practice underwater photography. The tides and streams bring an enormous amount and variety of creatures. Starfish abound in this place, residing between anemones, fish artificial reefs up and marauding rockfish nursery created by the feathery anemones.  We see now other great surprises that Vancouver waters provide. In Nanoose Bay you may encounter sea lions, the impressive and colorful king crab (specifically in Dolphin Beach), the tiger rock fish in Madrona Pt., The wolf eel in Tyee Cove and more. Continuing with Nanoose Bay, we can observe the strange ghostly jelly for night diving. And the nudibranchs in Madrona Pt. are spectacular.


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