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The area of Lake Ontario is 19 000 km2 (including 10 000 km2 in Canada. It has an altitude of 74 m, an average depth of 86 m (244 m maximum) and is 311 km long and 85 km wide. It is the smallest and easternmost of the Great Lakes and the eighth largest body of fresh water in North America. Its water supply comes mainly from other Great Lakes by Niagara. It empties into the St Laurent by the Kingston Basin in the north-east. Its other tributaries are Genesee, Oswego and Black rivers in the state of New York, and the Trent River, Ontario.

What is noticeable about the lake Ontario , and what makes it an unique place is that the lake doesn´t have a salty water and that the water is quite cold. Those two condition gathered make that place very interesting if you are interested in diving to observe shipwreck, indeed non salty water associated with a low degradation, which allows a much better conservation for the remains of the boats . The water is also one of the purest.