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Diving in Lake Erie is a great spectacle because has as protagonist a great variety of fishes and other species that enrich their magnificent underwater life. The Canadian lakes are well-known for the diving lovers from all over the world in wrecks. Historically, the Great Lakes region is a trade route, and this has made a lot of sunken ships to become an attractive destination for curious divers. Large and small vessels with different histories and different ages are at the bottom of lakes; Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan. Some of these vessels are very deep, and it is required a lot of time diving. But others are perfect for beginner divers.   The vessels have so different characteristics, some of them look burned and so others look in very good conditions. They are very attractive to so many inhabitants of sweet and salt waters. One place well-known in these lakes is Kingston, in the Ontario Lake, which has so beautiful wrecks, including the one called “cemetery,” it has so many wrecks very old.

Beautiful Marine life in Lake Erie

The White Star Park is an 800-acre park, located in Sandusky County, where there are two holes, one of which is close to a wall. The other is at the bottom of a grinding stone. We can find a tunnel (with restricted access), where you can see spotted bluegill, brown trout and emerald shiner fish, among others. Also is possible to enjoy the presence of the common carp, the fish seed pumpkin, sunfish, rainbow trout, spotted gar, yellow perch, channel catfish and bullhead catfish.  As if this “group of stars” were not enough, divers can also appreciate the largemouth bass, perch side and the beautiful black painted turtles.

In North Point you can find a beautiful lake that is formed by submarine springs of the rain and snow. Here you can see a great quantity of spatula and strange albino catfish fish. In the Natural Springs Resort we can find a lake fed by a splendid spring, formerly known as Lake Park France. Divers have the opportunity to see a lot of species. Among them we have the bass, grass carp, the medusas freshwater, catfish and bluegill fish.

In general terms the Erie Lake is the home of a variety and the most important fish species of the world, when the waters are sweet. The fish populations of the lake are the most abundant of the Great Lakes because the relatively mild temperatures of the water enriched for abundant plankton. The Erie Lake is full of “super stars” such as pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, perch, trout, salmon, and the fish smelled whitefish. Among the species before mentioned, which adorn the sea spectacle, we can find the rainbow smelt, the alewife fish, white perch and common carp. It is possible to see the Coho salmon as well, unfortunately the population is declining. There is one sub-specie of walleye called blue pike, which is wrongly named as the blue light. It is a species in danger of extinction, so it is not easy to find them.

Other wonder of the Erie Lake waters is Walleye that is a fish species perciform, a relative of the European pikeperch. In the Erie Lake is possible to find sturgeon, which is the longest fish in these waters, they can grow to three meters long and weigh up to 300 pounds. Most of the sturgeon live in the lake bottom, so it is only possible for expert divers to see the landscape offering there. They are scarce because, unfortunately, this species are in danger of extinction.  Other important Erie Lak fish is the lota fish, to which have been attributed various names such as the lawyer fish, eelpout, mudblow, cusk, or freshwater cod.

Best Wreck Dives in Erie Lake  

On other hand we can find so many wrecks in the Erie Lake, which are the big attraction for divers from all over the world. In the late nineteenth century, a large number of maritime disasters was presented. High winds and strong tides conspired to the shallowness of Lake Erie could be nicely conducive to shipwrecks. The wreck “John J. Boland” is submerged throughout the center of the lake. It rests on her starboard side and many of the structures are in excellent condition. The visibility of the waters accompanying the ship is between 20 and 60 feet. The nice temperature and the moderate streams heled to have more sea life species. Other wreck visited often by divers is “George Whelan.” This steel steam ship was discovered only in 2005 and rest to his port side and is virtually intact.

The visibility of the water harboring this wreck is between 30 and 60 feet. Its temperature is pleasant, so it serves as habitat for a variety of marine life.

The “Oxford” is another important and attractive wreck in the Lake Erie. It rests vertically near the center of the lake. Almost all the structures are in a relatively good condition. The visibility of the waters in which the wreck lies is over 50 feet often. The temperature of these waters is relatively low.


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