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About Turneffe Island

For those who want to dive in Turneffe Island they should know that it was declared a Marine Reserve in 2012. Further, it has the most beautiful and peculiar dive resorts. This beautiful island is considered as the best diving site that has seat in De Belice resort.

The Turneffe Islands make up the largest atoll in Belize offshore. The islands are covered by mangroves and offer dive sites for every taste. The most of 200 island of the Turneffe Atoll are the perfect home for the exotic fish species. They consist of a large number of keys, with a spectacular marine life. The toadfish is an endemic specie of the island. During the week divers can have the chance to see hammerhead sharks, giant manta rays and loggerhead turtles.

Top diving locations

Triple Anchors is a popular snorkeling spot in the Turneffe Islands. Its topography and coral formations are typical for the marine environment of the island. The dive site is named after three anchors of a ship sunk in the 18th century and now the anchors are embedded with beautiful corals and colorful sponges. Turneffe Atoll is visually the most spectacular Atoll of Belize and is really the unique kind in the Caribbean Sea. It has more than 400 islets covered by dense mangroves interspersed with some spectacular shallow lagoons, forming a wonderful setting.  All these waters constitute a true “rich soup in nutrients." So many of these diving sites are home to a great many tropical fishes of the reef. On other hand, the mangroves and lagoons are home and protection for the adult age fishes.  For these reasons, these waters enjoy a huge variety of marine life. To enjoy this biodiversity, Turneffe offers dive sites suitable for different categories.

Along the western side, the reefs located shallow are a great option for recreational divers and beginners.  Regarding to the east and south sides, the variety of the topography makes them more suitable for experienced divers. You can find channels, canyons and wrecks. When you dive in this great and varied topography you can enjoy the presence of giant reef fishes, turtles, manta rays eagle, and the spectacular toadfish white spotted.  The last one is an endemic in the region, and for divers swimming in the company of this wonderful species is truly a joy.

In “The Elbow” is possible to dive and to see outstanding slopes and spectacular reef formations, including large schools of snappers move. Further is usual to see jacks, feeding in the waters that are covering the reefs. The big jewfish (Goliath grouper) and other groupers, can be observed with some difficulty, because they hide in the canyons. Often the eagle rays and the occasional sharks are seen in large and medium groups. The show is spectacular, for this reason the divers immerse themselves from the first day.

Popular wrecks dives

About the wrecks we can say that Sayonara wreck (an old passengers and cargo boat) are adorned by impressive sponges and corals. The Sayonara wreck constitutes a spectacular multicolored backdrop, where you can see schools of French grunts, parrotfish and a delicious variety of the always admired angelfish. For those who want to inspect the wreck a little more closely, you can see the fortunes of the basket stars, coral shrimp and clams file. A near reef to this wreck is the home of beautiful barracuda schools. This reef is composed by multicolored patches, which offer a breath taking contrasted with sand.

Top Marine life on Turneffe Island

In the most of 70 diving sites in Turneffe Island is possible to find nurse sharks, lone hammerhead sharks and black tip sharks.  In the lagoon south lives a small group of bottlenose dolphins and also spotted dolphins that usually hunt in these waters.  Manatees and American crocodiles from salt water can sometimes be spotted by lucky divers in some parts of the year. Another of the spectacular species that you can see in Turneffe Island is the playful dolphins, giant moray green eels, turtles, grouper, boxfish, snapper, permit fish and mackerel eye.  While there is a significant population of the American crocodile, there is also a sub-species called “Mexican Leptophis.” On other hand we can say that the best immersions are the ones at the south in Triple Anchor, with only 12 meters deep, and where you can see sea ​​eagles, barrel sponges and various corals.  Also at south we have the Black Beauty where you can see turtles, parrot fish, angel fish and squirrel fish. And continuing with the south area we can say The Elbow has the best polyps, manta rays, hammerhead sharks and huge schools of different species that feed on nutrients from mangroves.

These schools, in turn, attract pelagic. Other very interesting diving sites that we can find in Turneffe Island are the wall of black coral and the wall of the Puesta Del Sol. In Grand Bogas you can look for the illusory white spotted Toadfish, which is only found in Belize. So if you are just beginning to dive or you are an expert diver you will find a lot of treasures in the Turneffe Islands, it is an ideal place for photographers and divers.