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It is evident diving in Belize is so spectacular. First, thanks to the very amazing barrier coral reef that is the second longest in the world. Belize is located in the borders between the North and the South of America. The country is situated among Mexico, Guatemala and several atolls. It has been a very popular destination for so many years, therefore it is a paradise well developed. This island also offers you hotels, as well as so many evening activities and shopping centers.

The Caye Caulker Island is a perfect location to have vacation, so if you are looking for the best place to dive while having a lot of fun, then you must go there!

Belize is the home for pristine watersjunglesmangroves and the incredible diversity of marine and wild life. Also, the beautiful jaguarmonkeys and vipers live thereCockscomb Basin is a Sanctuary of Wild Life in Belize that offers a great amount of pristine nature and exotic animals. Culturally, you can find mystics Mayas temples.

The second larger barrier coral reef in the world

The barrier coral reef is extended along the coast of the country. It has a length of 300 Km and it is the best touristic destination for those who practice diving or snorkel, but also for anyone who loves nature. You can access this barrier from Turneffe Islands.

One of the most famous diving sites in Central America is Ambergris Caye. It is close to the vivid and singular village called San Pedro where you can find the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. It is a marine park located close to a deep pit of the big barrier coral reef proudly displayed in the country. Thanks to the national and local authorities, it remains a protected area. That is why the marine life is really spectacular in quality as well as in quantity. The corals are consequently in a good health just like the other kind of animals as the amberjack, the barracuda and the snapper.

Do you want sharks?

If you are going to the Shark Ray Alley zone you will see rays and seductive nurse sharks. This kind of sharks can be observed only during the night because they hunt at that moment. During the day they are used to stay together in big groups to be able to stand over each other. It will allow you to approach them by keeping a safe distance, so you can see the majesty and beauty of their four or five meters long.

Usually they stay among underwater forests and caves. They are swimming around followed by many other varieties in order to rest during the day, since they hunt during the night.

From the nurse sharks family, cat sharks are the ones you can see in the Belize waters as well. They are called “cat” because of their mustache useful for the sense of touch. Usually they can be observed in deep water while they are in a suspicious state of immobility, opening and closing their mouth. Their last characteristic is the unique grey color that allows them to disguise themselves with the colors of the seabed and make the hunting easier.

Now, let's go to the Blue Hole!!

The spectacular and mesmerizing Blue Hole is the Belize highlight. Many people recommend visiting this country before you die. Everyone who visits the Blue Hole will want to go back again! This place is considered as one of the 20 most beautiful natural sceneries in the world.

Its length of 300 meters and its depth of 135 meters say everything about it. It is a huge reef hole with splendid stalactites and stalagmites where their creation occurs where there are many beautiful bull sharks. However, these sharks hunt the marine life wealth, and that is why many people wish the reef was not the sharks’ food.   

The atolls of Belize

Beyond the huge reef barrier of Belize, the water becomes clearer and very crystal certain times of the year. In this zone you can observe the four most beautiful and amazing authentic coral atolls from the western hemisphere.

The biggest atoll of the four atolls is called Turneffe, and there you will find a very famous diving center called The Elbow. Its wonderful waters have the biggest fishes, such as big sharkssailfishdolphinscachalot whales, and, sometimes, some small species of whales.

Glover is the farthest atoll, therefore it is the less visited despite its splendid reefs with a length more than 80 Km. In order to increase the visits in Belize, the government has built an ecologic tourism program that is supposed to bring some amazing results soon.

In Stann Creek District, located in the south, the divers can enjoy the harmless whale shark presence in some diving sites such as in Slik Cayes and in Gladden Spit.

In the waters’ depths of Belize, we will be able to find varied species, because, as earlier mentioned, it is the second largest reef all around the world. You can find both shallow coral gardens and deep walls where large marine animals are living.

The sight is clearer outside the reef barriers. It can reach 30 meters of visibility in the same atolls.

In Hol Chan the sea ​​water currents are relatively strong, as long as in the cays currents are moderately peaceful.

You can enjoy watching the whale sharks during almost all year long, however the perfect moment is during the months of AprilMay or June.

The weather on the Belize coast is really hot, hopefully there is some season in the year when Caribbean wind goes down to decrease the temperatures.


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