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The beautiful beaches and the calm water make Barbados one of the best places to dive. You will definitely have the best experience of your life. The water around this wonderful island is full of marine life. Diving in Barbados is a unique experience. Barbados is well known for its Caribbean wrecks and because the island offers year-round diving experiences. There are ten diving centers throughout the country, especially on the South and West Coast of the island where you can find most of them to discover the spectacular corals and marine life. Seahorses and frogfish are species that can be found in Barbados, as well as snappers, wrasses and corocoros. Diving by night in Barbados is popular, indeed divers can observe all the species as octopuses, crabs and shrimps.

Shipwrecks lovers cannot leave without visiting:

The great shipwreck Stavronikita can be found on the West Coast of the island. It is well known because it is one of the biggest in the world. This cargo boat was not sunk by accident, it actually was immersed specially to create an artificial reef. It is so long that it is needed five immersions to be able to see all.

In Carlisle Bay you can also find so many wrecks, as it is a very popular location. Some of them are el Berwind, Eillon, Ce-Trek, Cornwallis, Bajan Queen, and Barge. These are perfect places for beginners, photographers and whoever wants to dive by night.

Other two captive wrecks of Barbados are the Dutch freighter Friars crag, next to the reef, and the artificial wreck Pamir, which is placed in the Northwest Coast of the island. Both are perfect for beginners.

Diving in coral reefs from Bridgetown

The Bell Buoy and Shark Bank reefs are located in the Southwest of Barbados. The divers can find turtles, parrot fish, corals and large shoals. The adjacent waters to the South and West Coast of the island have the most beautiful coral reefs that you can imagine. In Folkestone you can find artificial reefs in the deep waters of the ocean. Located in a spectacular peninsula that separates the West coast from the South Coast of the island. There you will find 14 diving sites where you can see sharks if you decide to go deeper.

In the Northwest Coast you can visit two reefs: Maycocks and Dottins. Barracuda, turtles, rays and also many colorful fishes live over there. The spectacular coral reefs are houses for tropical and colorful fishes. Divers can find all sizes and shapes of fishes. They can also see beautiful dolphins playing around with marlin fishes and sailfishes. This is a tremendous show for the diver. 

Do you know the impressive Sailfish?

The Sailfish has different well-known characteristics. First, it is considerate as the king of the ocean.It also has an impressive blue color and has a notable muscular body. It is the fastest fish of the ocean and measures three meters. All of these characteristics make this fish to be the most elegant in the ocean. Their spectacular jumps on the surface of the water make them special, and lucky are those who see them while diving in Barbados. It is a beautiful sight with all the amazing animals around the water.

On the East Coast of the island, you can find splendid cliffs that literally sink in the wide Atlantic. The beaches are almost deserted and, in Betsabé, the sea had eroded gigantic volcanic rocks, providing now exceptional landscapes.

Face to face with dolphins and green turtles

The snorkel activity in Barbados provides a good opportunity for divers to find themselves face to face with beautiful green turtles. You can dive with these creatures, as the same time as with the playful dolphins. It is an incredible experience.

Concerning the dolphins, especially those from Barbados, it is good to keep in mind that it is a delightful moment to see them. However, you must be careful because they are wild animals anyway. That is why you need to wait for them to take any initiative, by doing so you will increase the opportunity to caress them and even to swim with them close to the beach.

Some of the best diving places on the island

So many people think that the best places to dive on the island are Stavronikita and Carlisle Bay. These locations offer many coral reefs with several colors: red, pink, black or orange. Diving in these reefs among parrot fishessea horses and splendid green turtles will be for sure your best experience ever.

The Clarke reef is well-known by the divers in the Caribbean islands. There are not enough words to describe this exotic beauty. It is really a true emblem of the Caribbean diving.

In the marine park called Folkestone, located in Carlisle Bay, there is one coral reef next to the Stavronikita shipwreck and close to the coast. There, you can dive in company with sea anemonessea ​​liliescorals and spectacular colorful sponges. Around this wonderful “underwater forest” there are other different kinds of marine species such as seahorses, parrot fishes, green sea turtles and other splendid species living in the waters next to the coast.

The porgy has different colors, but most of the time this fish is red. The wrasse, the corocoros, and strange toadfishes are “commensal” in the Barbados waters. Now, diving during the night is very popular on the island. It is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to enjoy the island by night, indeed you can see better octopuses, crabs and huge prawns.

And finally some caves in Barbados

Finally, it is important to mention Animal flower cave to be able to take advantage of your diving experience in Barbados. This one is located close to the North cliffs of the island. The cave is full of marine anemones, called “Animal flowers” by the inhabitants of Paradise Caribbean. It is also necessary to make known the Harrison Cave. It is famous for its stalactites and stalagmites, with diverse varieties of marine life.

As a conclusion, the extraordinary Barbados island has been for many years a beautiful sanctuary. Now it is an amazing destination to practice your diving skills while observing the amazing marine life and all the wrecks in the crystal and calm water.