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If you are interested in diving in Bahamas, you will find a truly and fascinating “Sharks paradise”. These beautiful creatures are really friendly with the divers in these waters. Bahamas offers you wonderful diving experiences thanks to its blue holes, caves, reefs, wrecks, walls and warm waters all year long. Many dive sites are located at the top of the archipelago. In the clear waters the divers can find thousands colors of fishes and corals.

Blue Holes

The best place to find blue holes in the world is in Bahamas. They are located in the Andros IslandsGreat BahamaExumas and Eleuthera. There are some very popular Blue Holes also near to NassauBimini and Out Islands. One of the major blue holes of the world is near to Long Island.


The Andros Wall is located in Andros, the major island of the Bahamas. The wall of the Conception Island is colorful and spectacular, covered by sponges and corals. The wall of the Great Bahamas is located close to the island with the same name. This is a very interesting spot because of the caverns and submarine passages. In the Nassau Island the divers will find the Lyford Cay and the Southeast wall. For the expert divers the Bimini wall is an attractive site.


The Bahamas also offers diving a huge amount of wrecks. Diving in the Hesperus Turtle Wreck and the Sugar Wreck Memory Rockyou can find a great variety of fishes and turtles however they are not very deep. In New Province there is the wreck called the Tears of Allah which is very famous for appearing in one of the James Bond movie. The south of Great Bahamas presents a vast variety of wrecks such as PretenderJoseph and the Badger. Some of the deep wrecks are Esther K.Bimini Barge and Helena C.

Dolphins, whales and sharks!

In the Bahamas you can live unique diving experiences with dolphins, both open water and with trained dolphins. Other species that you can find while diving in the Bahamas are clown fishes, porcupine fishes, moray eels, Nassau groupers, humpback whales, nurse sharks, turtles and barracudas.

You can also interact quietly with nurse sharks, spotted sharks, bull sharks, impressive hammerheads and Caribbean reef sharks; and still among clear blue waters. The favorite sites of these amazing creatures are the island The Ocean TangleNew ProvidenceCayos de Exuma and the exterior reefs of the Abaco IslandsIn one single dive you can meet face to face wit big groups of 70 or 80 of them. This is mainly due to fish feeding program that has been implemented by dive centers in Bahamas, indeed it attracts sharks massively and sometimes unexpected ones. Besides all these species you can also find the silky shark and the tiger shark in the Bahamas.

This paradisiac island however does not just offer you sharks. Its captivating warm turquoise-blue water along white sand beaches overflow with colorful reefs, more than you ever imagined. Without forgetting the huge variety of amazing tropical fishes of all shapes and colors. You will be very amazed and pleased!

During the deep diving you can meet a large variety of sharks, of rays and also lovely and funny dolphins. Another really spectacular scene that you can appreciate in these islands is the giant school of big mere between January and February. They actually come to spawn in Andros, the Long IslandIsla Cat, and the Berry Island.

Other pleasant moment you can admire is the famous “the lobsters march”. They are grouped as a cavalry regiment crossing the sandy bed in Little Bahamas Banks. In November you can witness this impressive performance unique in the world.

Wait, the description of this amazing beauty is not ending yet! Around the Bahamas you can also find spectacular submarine walls with awesome coral reefs. You will see beautiful sponges, octopuses and loggerhead turtles (also called “Loggerheads”). Plus, you can dive in the most challenging caves and wrecks in the world!

In conclusion, you cannot afford to miss both the huge psychedelic reefs and the natural pools of hypnotic dark turquoise waters in Bahamas. 

The impressive Blue Hole of Bahamas

Were you thinking that that's all? Then you are wrong, diving in the Bahamas is endless…

The dive site "The Lost Blue Hole" is maybe the most particular on these islands. This amazing natural hole measures 100 feet (30.5m) in diameter and a depth of 200 feet (61m). It is full of coral heads.

In this beautiful natural site you will see cromi fishes, angel fishes, sergeant fishes whose swim around coral heads. It becomes an amazing show that you rarely see in other parts of the world. This impressive spectacle includes also eels, giant stingrays, huge groupers and scary sharks that abound in the Bahamas.

In The Shark Buoy you will find a huge variety of pelagic species such as dolphins, goldfish, jacks, splendid Rainbow Runners and attractive and harmless silky sharks with an incredible visibility of 150 meters. It is one of the most amazing sites in the world, especially for the underwater photography.

The Bombardier Vulcan is surrounded by a beautiful spectacle offered by colorful gorgonians and sponges.

The Tears of Allah wreck and the Tunnel walls are more interesting sites you can discover where you can find a very agitated marine life.

Now let’s deal with the incomparable White Salt Cay. It is considered as one of the best diving sites of the world because it has amazing area such as Tuna AlleyThe Coral VictoryCity Hogfish and Shark Hole Waynes. In these sites you will be impressed with the herds of spotted dolphins and sleepers sharks resting on coral farms.

In the Red Hole you will be able to swim quietly and to go to a very interesting surrounding cave where you will enjoy seeing all kind of colorful and small tropical fishes.

To finish some interesting walls

The Bahamas islands are very rich as well in submarine walls, where marine life is really lush due to the Gulf Current.

In Elephant RockEagleLast Rock and The Fireplace you will find very beautiful and big walls that are reversed in some sites. But, the most impressive thing is the incredible visibility of more than 150 meters.


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