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by Scubacrowd

For all the divers and the underwater photographers Sydney have plenty of amazing sites and an amazing variety of underwater life.

Sydney is the most famous city in Australia, it has so much to offer to the divers, although sometimes is seen as not a very popular diving destination. The port has so many good diving sites from north to south, leaving from Balmoral or Manly. Bare Island is ideal for the shore diving lovers, as well as the Shipwrecks, a site in Port Hacking, if you like the sharks, you should know that there is so many grease sharks in the Magic Point. The divers of wrecks will enjoy the view of the shipwrecks offshore, but because so many of them are deep inside the see more than 45 meters down, they need a technical instruction.

Best wrecks in Sydney

The wrecks Valiant and the Coolooli are mostly visited by the beginner divers; the Gordon’s Bay is a natural site to be visited as well. Cooge has a protected marine life reserve and a brilliant beach, it is without any doubt a great scenario of the Sydney beaches.

Arrive to Sydney is very simple and easy, because this city is the principal destiny when you decide to travel to Australia. The international airport is to 25 minutes of distance of the city center.

Along almost 100 km of coast and in offshore, the experts and beginners can find spectacular reefs and wrecks, so the experience will be amazing in the Sydney port and in the Hacking and Botany Bay.

Further activities in Sydney

Sydney is the biggest city of Australia and further it has a very busy lifestyle, you can find fun in the sails, surfing, swimming, fishing and diving, your best opportunities. There is so many diving stores and charter boat operators that offer trips to many dive sites on the coast, reefs and shipwrecks.

And if you go to the south, you can find between the coast “South head” and “Cape Banks,” which you will find wonderful species awhile you are diving.

In “Sydney Harbour” is so many varieties of fishes of wreck and there is as well so many spectacular invertebrates, and in “Camp Cove” you can find all the colors, textures and sizes of animals, it is really a “party of colors.”

In the coasts and bays of New Gales of the south, there is Strugatus Mado Atypichthys which is a beautiful fish transverse stripes of various colors and semi-transparent fins that enhance its beauty.

It is very usual to meet with the Firebrick Sea Star Asteriodiscides, which is one of the most spectacular specimens nodes equipped with vibrant colors, and they live in the reefs of the outside coasts, offshore reefs.

Species you can find in this place

Next to the beach “Camp Cove,” which is in the inside of the port, you can see a rocky reef, and they can be seen by pipefish, box fish, cuttlefish, octopus, moray eels, sea hares, starfish and stingrays fascinating.

In “Green Point Camp Cove” you can see its entire splendor: a mollusk called “Flabellina,” this one is very colorful. And you can find "Beds" of mussels covering the colorful rocks.

In the boiler, engine and propellers "Shipwreck "Royal Shepherd", which was sunk in 1890, prowl the eels, conger ells, and spectacular goals and shoals of yellow tail fish.

In “The Gap” the divers can observe the sharks, blue gropers, kingfish and other fishes, and a very beautiful hanging garden of sponges of Port Jackson. There are so many starfishes and spectacular nudibranchs that deserve separate chapter.

They are mollusks with gills that you can see in all the variety, so many colors and hardly found in other animal species of the nature. Their beauty is really awesome.

The Shark point in Sydney

It is necessary to mention in a special way “Shark Point,” which is a site where there are recently so many species of marine life never before seen in person or by picture, around the world. The stripes, sea dragons weed the pinecone fish, the blue octopus and Port Jackson sharks, moving between lush gardens of sponges, ledges and caves live over there.

The divers with less experience will be very surprise with Gurnard, which is a stickleback, and it has pectoral fins that look like real pieces of silk adorned with motifs of all colors. This fish looks like it is crawling with its fins over the rocky and sandy surface of these waters.

Behind the “Shark Point” is a great natural pool where is ideal to dive during the night because the water is perfect. In “Thomson Bay” you can find so many species less common in other waters.

The electric rays, the amazing goat fish, flatheads, lionfish, sea perch and bream, swim between the gutters and under ledges. The lionfish is one of the most wonderful things of the nature. Its beauty and its strange phenotype, make it unique between wonders.

In “Long Bay” there is “El Malabar,” which is a boat that ran aground in 1931 where you can dive in presence of rays and sharks.

You can see as well When you dive very Deep inside the waters of “Bare Island” the following animals: the sea horses so cherished by all, there is the strange sea dragons weed, the splendid blue gropers, the snails of all kinds and a spectacular array of crabs of the different colors and phenotypes.

The beautiful sponge gardens serve as a great background to film and photograph these beautiful species. One of the best diving sites in Sydney you can find it in “Kurnell.” Which is a spring located inside the bay, which has so many variety of marine species. Between them you can find spectacular pelagic fish banks, those are beautiful with a very brilliant silver color, and beautiful vertical and colorful stripes. So in Sydney you can find great diving sites, where you can see very strange but beautiful creatures.



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