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If you are thinking about diving in Perth you should know that is one of the best cities of Australia, and it offers you great destinations, especially beautiful sites to dive and other places for all kind of activities as well.

Perth: The variety of dive sites for all levels

Doesn’t matter if you are a certified diver, or you are a beginner that is just starting to like and explore this activity and sport, because you will find the right place for you in this city. Perth offers you so many diving centers, they are inside the city and outside of the city, and this city offers you more than twenty sites ideal for exploration where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature and the richness of local the flora and fauna.

Perth is the most occidental capital of Australia. The city is very well equipped for diving activity, it has so many diving centers where you can rent all the equipment you need.  And about the diving sites, most of them are located around the Rottnest Island (Jackson RockGreen Island, and Kingston Reef); you can enjoy the most amazing immersion in the reefs and the caves as well.

How to go in Perth

You can get to Perth by the airport in Perth, for regional flights, national and international. You must have in mind that Perth is quite isolated in comparison with the other cities of Australia, and the most important city is Adelaide, it is 1,300 miles away.Other top diving locations such as Sydney and Brisbane are more than 2,000 miles away, for these reasons it is better to travel by plane, but if you prefer to travel by train then you need to know that there is one that travels twice a week from Perth to Sydney, and the trip takes three days.

Near to Perth there is an island that you cannot leave without visiting; its name is Rottnest Island. When you go to visit this island in a boat, you can find wonderful sites, and the water is so warm and ideal for diving.

A high biodiversity and diversity of activities throughout the year

Likewise when you visit Perth you will find one of the most attractive places and enjoy of the caves made of limestone. There you will find a great variety of corals and a big number of fishes. Sometimes you will see ships that have foundered; those are very attractive and interesting. One of the most interesting activities to do in Perth is swimming with dolphins, and if you want to meet other wild animals you can dive and find whales. Some of other activities to do in this amazing place is to navigate the Swan River, you can ride in kayaks, and you can fish, windsurf, navigate and swim enjoying the great water of the sea.

The go to Rottnest Island is the best you can do in Perth, to find this place is very easy. If you are a beginner diver or just you are someone who would love to experience the wonderful sensation that brings to dive and to know everything inside the sea and all the recommended sites, some of them are:  Boy in a boat Reef and Burn Beach Rocks. In these special sites the divers can meet with a great biodiversity and in some cases you can even see the wonderful sea dragon, which is much like a fish seahorse but much more exotic.

Dive sites for beginners and professionals

Other of the most popular places in Perth for the diving is Mettams Pool. The sites are ideal for beginners because it offers a great visibility with a maximum depth of 9.8 feet. When you dive you will go deep two meters. You must know that this place is recommended for those that want to have a family time with small kids that want to do snorkel. But if you are an expert diver we recommend to you to dive in Two Rocks, and Gemini Wreck. You will find in this place the best immersion where you will have the chance to see an extraordinary environment. You will find natural richness in Perth; you can see the biggest coast reefs of the world, which is well known as Ningaloo Reef. Also you could see so many different animal species such as turtles, dolphins, manta rays, dugongs, sharks, and many other species of fish and marine animals. We advise you to avoid collecting crabs in this zone, because they are very aggressive. 

As you can see in Perth there is many options for everyone who wants to dive, the important is you find a very good diving center and to do the necessary arrangements to get to know all the zones. You need to know that you can find in the zone from soft water flows to very brave waters, it depends of the weather conditions. Now, the special sites for the diving activity are the Mutton Bird Island or the Two People Bay Island, on those two island you can practice the diving activity. Likewise you can visit the Eclipse Island and the Break Sea Island, which offer you beautiful places. And we recommend visiting the rocky reef Torbay Head.

If you decided traveling to Perth don’t forget that this is the occidental capital of Australia, and that it is far away of the other cities. But you can arrive very easy in airplane, and the good thing is that to travel by plane is cheap.

Scuba diving for all prices

To finish this review you must know some other tourism data like you can find simple accommodation from 25 dollars, and if you want luxury accommodation you must be prepare to pay between 200 and 350 dollars, obviously, you will have a beautiful view of the beach, the sea, the sand and the Swan River.


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