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Cairns is the enter door for the most popular Great Barrier Coral Reef, the major Coral Reef alive in the earth. It extends itself for more than 2,000 kilometers, along the Queensland coast in Australia, from Port Douglas until Bundaberg. Going on a diving trip in Cairns is one of the most amazing and vivid experiences a diver can find no matter if you are an expert diver, beginner or if you are thinking about doing your first steps to practice this great underwater sport.

The Great Reef Barrier

The Great Barrier Reef, with its spectacular "Cod Hole" offers you a wonderful experience impossible to have in other places of the world. Also, the diving with the sharks in the Coral Ocean is really an ecological adventure that you are not going to forget ever in your life. It is well known as “The Underwater Channel of the great Barrier Reef” which is considered as the unique and biggest ground structure “constructed” by living organismsFurthermore, it is visible from the outside space, you can find images that were taken from the space, offering the most amazing videographic and photographic reproduction, the biggest alive animal in the whole world.

The reef structure is compound by hundreds of millions of small organism well known as “Coral Polyps” with a really surprising biologic variety in the reef. There are more than 5.000 varieties of mollusks, 1.800 fish’s species and hundreds of sharks as well.

All this amazing nature is really enjoyable to be visited because the temperature of its waters, and for this reason is one of the favorite places for all marine life and nature lovers, especially for divers all around the world. This place is protected and it was declared a World Heritage Site since 1981 for the UNESCO.

Diving trips from Cairns

This place has diverse underwater scenarios, such as deep slopes, underwater caves and tunnels, to dive in the Great Barrier Coral Reef is one of the best experience you can have as a diver. There are many operators in Cairns that are specialized in diving travels, they offer excursions from one day to months aboard, depending of the level of each diver. From Cairns, you can explore the popular sites of diving such as Ribbon Reefs or Flynn Reefs, and reach different zones of the reefs. Cairns is very easy to access to through the international airport and it is the perfect place to dive all year round, you will have tropical rains from November to March and the best sight during the months of June to August.

Best dive sites in Cairns

The “Cod Hole” is very close to Lizard Island and it is a perfect place to dive, this is a location you should visit because you can have the opportunity to swim with the “Giant Potato Cod”, generally these animals are peaceful and very friendly with the divers, even they are down to be taken pictures next to anyone who want a picture together with them. They like to swim around with all the marine species, this is a magic sight and an amazing experience.

The splendid “Ribbon Reef” is a big line formation, they are an amazing place to visit, with a waters temperature between the 22 and 29 Centigrade. The visibility is almost perfect during all the year around and the water is clearer in September, October, and November. This reefs offer you an incredible scene of a variety of coralline with vivid colors and amazing forms.

The diving expeditions in the Ribbon Reef is a great opportunity for capturing the best images of the most amazing marine life that you can find in the sea. This is home for so many and singular fish species in all the sizes and colors, some of them are mammals and large sharks.

Another must is the “Osprey Reef”, this reef offers a masterpiece of nature when you go diving in this location. Their reef walls are almost vertical and they rise from a depth of nearly 2000 meters.

This is home for big populations of dwarf species of Nautilus Pompilius which is one species of cephalopods, they have a sagittal sectioned shell, revealing a pearl line that travels over the same shell as nearly perfect equiangular spiral. These beautiful animals can live even for 20 years.

The stout infantfish, is the second smallest fish in the world, maximum measuring 8 mm in length, and there is so many of them in Osprey Reef, and they show their fascinate color awhile they are swimming in big groups.

Other of the wonders that Osprey Reef offers is the night diving, this is inside a maze of reefs, that fell from 30 meters of depth of almost 1,000 meters, you can see so many great caves and a big series of ravines of sand background that take them to a less depth zone.

Osprey Reef is also famous for the sharks feeding activity. There is more than 70 species around the “feed zone”.


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