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How does Scubacrowd’s dive centers finder work?

It's quick and easy to find the top dive centers on the best diving destinations in the world.

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Clicking on any of the products listed on the chosen operator you will be able to access all the detailed information, like site in which it takes place, dives calendar (in cases where the professional has posted it), request dates for your reservation, what is included in the price, minimum qualifications required, etc. You can also see the ratings that other divers left to the operator which holds the activity.

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What type of dive do you want? Boat, beach …

You can also search by the type of diving you fancy practicing in your chosen destination; beach dives, boat dives, night dives. And if you don't have your own diving gear or you don't want surprises, is best to look for gear rentals. You can use dive equipment availability filters to refine your search.

Other filters you can choose are the language spoken in each activity or payment methods, since credit cards are not accepted in all the destinations.

Filters system

The filters will help you in your search, being able to filter first by the destination you choose, using Country, State and City options. You can also filter by name of dive center, by the diving association which granted your certification.

Advanced filtering

Besides basic search filters, it also has a set of filters to perform advanced searches. Other preferences of search that you can apply are for example the services offered by the Diving Centre, may well find those Diving Centers in a given location that there offer service of wardrobe, diving for children, load bottles, lockers (ticket offices), technical diving, diving trips, diving equipment rental, cleaning materials, equipment repair diving, snorkeling, diving or even adapted diving.

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Once we applied the filters that are of interest only have to click "Display Dive Centers" and the results will show a list of scuba operators that have all the features desired.