How does Scubacrowd's dives booking finder works?

Only by making your choice you will find dives and scuba courses with the best dive operators in top diving locations.

Filtering system for dives

The filters will help you in your search, being able to filter first by destination, using filters Country, State and City. You can also select the price range to refine your results.

Advanced Filters

Besides basic search filters, it also includes wide options of advanced filters, for example, you can filter by services offered in the operator where you are going diving, being able to search for those including showers, hotel pick-up, gear shop, technical support, dive insurance or even accommodation among other services.

Book your favorite dive type

Many operators classify their scuba offers by dive type, so you can make your search filtering by different types of dive for your activity, dives from shore, boat trips, cave diving, shipwrecks and many more.

Searching your dives is easier than ever

You just need to apply the filters that are of interest and click ‘Search’ and the finder will show you a list of diving products offered by dive operators that have all the features you have requested.

Online reservations for dives around the world in just one click

Online reservations for dives around the world in just one click

Find the best scuba diving deals for your next dive.