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by Scubacrowd

The Caribbean is one of the most attractive places in the diving world. Its tropical climate allows diving almost stable throughout the year, palm-filled paradise beaches, idyllic shores lapped by turquoise and crystal clear waters, sandy bottoms filled coral reef with a huge variety of marine life, including tropical Cayman Islands. Its warm, calm waters allow visibility up to 30 m. In "Cayman Brac" you dive by high cliffs and "Caiman Minor" by ravines and underwater caves with dolphins, turtles, barracudas ... In the Bahamas you dive for sunken ships. In the Paradise "Long Island" with sharks. In "Andros" by coral reefs and shipwrecks fences caverns where sharks swim. In the tropical Bonaire snorkeling by coral reefs in shallow, from a variety of tropical fish ago. In the Cocos you dive coral and colorful sponges with dolphins, sharks, turtles and occasionally whales. In Roatan paradise and the rest of the volcanic archipelago "Islas de la Bahía" (“Bay Islands”) you dive for a colorful coral reef that runs along a beautiful cliff where there are deep channels and sea caves filled with sponges, dolphins, turtles and tropical fish. Belize has the largest coral reef in America.

The Turneffe Islands, Lighthouse Reef and Glover are coral atolls they inhabit tropical fish, turtles, sharks and barracudas. In "Lighthouse" is the "Great Blue Hole" which is the gateway to numerous caves between warm and turquoise waters inhabited by a huge marine biodiversity. In the paradise island of Cozumel diving among a diverse marine life and coral reefs. In Isla Mujeres you can visit shipwrecks or approaching sharks, dormant, in "The Cave of the Sleeping Sharks" or do snorking by beautiful coral Manchones or La Cruz Bay. In the tropical zone of Cancun, you can dive among the sculptures of the underwater museum at a depth of 3 m for its long coral reef. The coasts of the Riviera Maya let dive among corals and in "cenotes" are natural pools in caves with stalactites and stalagmites, among rays of sun light coming through the roots of the trees of the Mayan jungle.

In the Caribbean Barbados diving by reefs and shipwrecks between sharks and sea turtles. On the island of Margarita, the "Archipelago de los Frailes" snorkel by multicolored coral reefs is made. In the tourist Punta Cana you dive for sunken ships, by coral gardens and breathtaking canyons. In the warm and tourist beach of fine white sands of Varadero you can explore sunken ships or diving by colorful coral reefs from a variety of fish and whale sharks. On the island of Grenada, "the Capital of the Caribbean Ship Wreck" dive is made by shipwrecks at different depths. In the "Molinere Bay" can dive between sculptures in the "Underwater Sculpture Park".